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Where did Louis XIV and his successors' spending money come from?

Taxes and exploiting the lower and middle classes, not from profits from new businesses


By Louis XVI, what was the French financial status?

The country was almost bankrupt.


How did people express their dissatisfaction with the government?

Rioting in the streets, led by the philosophes openly criticizing the government


How did the Royal Court split?

The royals and their followers split into a group that supported the king and changes to the economy, and a group that supported Marie Antoinette and more power for the nobles


What did the middle class, working people and a few aristocrats want?

The middle class, working people and a few aristocrats wanted democracy which they had seen working in England


How had French helped in America?

Some French officers and soldiers had fought for the American colonists fighting for independence against Britain.


Why was the American Declaration of Independence important?

The rights and freedoms of individuals were protected and outlined in the Declaration. The philosophes felt that France was very behind the times.


How did government in the USA and England compare to France?

England had Constitutional Monarchy and America had Republican government (no monarchy)


What made French problems even worse?

There were famines and families were breaking up. 40,000 children a year were being abandoned due to starvation


How was the British Industrial Revolution affecting France?

Many people were becoming unemployed as textiles were able to be made way more cheaply by machine than by hand in France


Why are unemployed starving people a huge problem?

They had nothing to lose by a rebellion


What was the Paris Mob?

A large group of unemployed, starving people who rioted and demanded change. They were unpredictable and violent, and supported extreme measures such as the Reign of Terror


How did Louis respond to the violence when people were protesting the high price of bread?

He allowed the military to fire on protestors, and imprison or kill his critics


How did Louis' popularity change?

At the start of his reign people thought he might save France, but after the riots even his supporters realized he could not


Why did Louis create the Estates General?

He called together representatives of the people to see if they could come up with ideas to save France

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