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What was the primary cause of Charles' difficulties with parliament?

He constantly wanted more $ to support his lifestyle.


What would be the conditions of Parliament giving Charles' more $?

They wanted him to agree to respect parliament more than he did.


Would Charles agree to respect parliament?

No, sometimes he did agree, but then backed out of his agreement


List ways Charles tried to raise money without parliament's approval?

1. He brought back an ancient fee called 'ship money', which ancient people had paid to raise money for warships for the navy. 2. He charged customs fees 'tunnage and poundage', 3. He mortgaged roayl properties, 4 forced people to give him loans, 5. he sold noble titles to those who would support him or lend him $


What was the Court of Start Chamber?

it was used to fine, convict and imprison Charles' enemies. People tried by this court had no rights at all


What was the Petition of Right?

In 1628 Charles tried to get Parliament to give him more $, but they refused until he stopped his illegal activities, and they wanted him to sign the petition or charter of rights


What was Charles' reaction to the Petition of Right?

He disolved parliament and said no


What happened when Buckingham was assassinated?

The king found new 'helpers' Lord Strafford and Archbishop Laud


What is "Strafford's Fork"?

Strafford found all kinds of ways to get $ for the king w/o parliament, thus the "strafford's fork' was the king feeding off the country.


Why did the Puritans hate Archbishop Laud

Laud insisted on more and more extravagance and ritual in the church


What did the Puritans do to churches as a result of Laud's extravagance?

Puritans attacked churches destroying stained glass and decorations

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