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What did General Monk do after Cromwell died?

He came from the North and recalled Parliament


Why did Monk recall parliament?

He knew parliament had to be restored so another Civil War did not break out


What did Monk order parliament to do?

They disolved their parliament and called an election


How did Charles II (2nd) become King of England?

The newly elected Parliament decided to restore the monarch and the House of Lords, and in 1660 asked Charles if he would like to become King of England


Why was restoring Charles to the thrown a popular decsion?

People had had enough of civil war and the military


Why else were the general public happy to have Charles back on the thrown?

People were only concerned with a king who did not follow parliaments's direction and rules, they wanted their rights protected, they did not like the "blue laws',


Why did the Parliament insist on a Constitutional Monarchy?

The king's powers are set out by the parliament, not by God or history


What did Charles think about a Constitutional Monarchy?

He didn't like it inside and plotted with other countries to try to get back unlimited power for the king, but he did not succeed


How did Charles try to keep control of parliament?

He bribed and blackmailed people into agreeing with his views and tried to influence who was elected


What did royal supporters become known as?



What did the opponents of a catholic monarchy become known as?

The whigs


What were the Tories and the Whigs the start of?

Political parties


Why did the blue laws have to be overturned?

Charles was a partier and was continually breaking the Blue Laws


Why were 13 members of the Rump Parliament hung drawn and quartered?

Because they contributed to the murder of the previous king (regicide)


What weird thing did they do with Cromwell's body

His and other Roundheads were dug up from their graves and hung outside Westminister Abbey


What happened when Charles tried to protect the religious freedom of the Catholics?

The Test Act was passed by parliament saying that the Church of England was supreme, and restricting jobs Catholics could do


How were Catholics treated?

They were not allowed to be in politics or join professions, even Charles's brother James had to give up his job as the Admiral of the navy b/c he was Catholic


What did the Test Act show Charles?

That the Parliament was in charge of the country not him.


Who took over once Charles died?

His brother James II (2nd) who had been removed from his Admiral job because he was Catholic!!!

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