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Where was Napoleon born?

A small island of Corsica


What was special about Napoleon's family?

the were minor nobility, but not rich, they felt that family was very important


What sort of school did Napoleon attend?

military school in France


Why did Napoleon's mother refuse to attend his coronation?

He was fighting with his brother!!


Eventhough Napoleon was not a strong student, why did he become so good at military stuff?

He read as much as he could, and he could remember every detail


How did Napoleon become one of the youngest generals ever?

He captured Toulon from anti-revolutionary forces.


Although Napoleon believed in Rousseau, how did he show his hatred for mob violence?

He shot point-blank into crowds of protestors


How was his attack on protestors rewarded?

He was given the "Italian campaign" which was an opportunity to build his career


Who ruled Italy in the 1700s?

The Austrians.


Why did the Italians hate the Austrians?

They wanted to rule themselves and return to the glory days of the Romans and Renaissance


What did Napoleon promise the Italians?

In 1797 he promised they could rule themselves, freedom from the Austrians


Where did Napoleon win brilliant victories?

Lodi, Castigliogne and Arcole


What happened after Napoleon's victories?

He set up republics which were controlled by the French


How did the French army view Italy?

As a place to steal riches, paintings, jewelery, robbed tombs


How were the French army paid?

with riches stolen from Italy


What did Napoleon do after he got Italy?

He asked to attack Egypt to get it off the British.


Why did the French government agree to let Napoleon attack Egypt?

they were worried about his growing power, and sending him to Egypt got him out of the way


How did the Egyptian campaign turn out for Napoleon?

He beat the Egyptian army, but was destroyed by the British Navy at the Battle of the Nile, under the command of Admiral Nelson


What was ironic about Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of the Nile?

He returned to France more popular than ever

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