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Why did Cromwell lose patience with the Rump Parliament?

They were unable to govern effecively


What did Cromwell and the army want?

They wanted to be paid and to have more of a role in governing


Why didn't the Rump Parliament want to hold an election?

They were afraid to lose their seats in Parliament.


When the Rump Parliament refused to hold an election, what did Cromwell do?

He took his army into the Parliament and kicked them out, locked the doors, and took over power


What did they call Cromwell after he took power from the Parliament?

The Lord Protector


What is another way to describe the "Lord Protector"

a military dictator


How did Cromwell govern England?

He divided England into districts, put a general in charge in each area to collect taxes


What kinds of rules did Cromwell make?

He called them the Blue Laws


What were the Blue Laws?

no pagan ceremonies like Christmas, forbade dancing, gambling, sports or theater (He was Puritan/Calvinist)


Why was this unpopular, military dictatorship not removed from power?

He was too powerful and had an army behind him


Why did Cromwell see himself as a failure?

He opposed the dictator of the King, yet he became one himself


Who was "Tumbledown Dick"?

He was Cromwell's son Richard, who proved incapable of leading after Cromwell's death in 1658


What happened to Richard "Tumbledown Dick"?

He resigned and ended Britain's trial of being republican

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