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Why was 1500 the beginning of a new age in Europe?

Politics, society and the economy were changing in ways that ended the Feudal System.


What new social class emerged in the 1500s?

The middle class


How did the economy change in the 1500s?

The economy of the world became more global through colonialism.


What changes occurred in democracy in England?

The lords had a say in decisions, but in the 1600s Stuart Kings tried to prevent this, which led to a civil war. After the war, England became a constitutional monarchy.


What is colonialism?

England colonized, created settlements, all over the world. (North America, India, China)


How did colonialism benefit England?

England became a world power.


How was France different than England?

France remained very Feudal, with the king, upper classes, and church, holding ultimate power.


How was life different for the French classes?

Poor people were impoverished, upper classes lived in luxury.


What happened in 1789 in France?

Political thought had come to France, and a revolution took place that overthrew the king and upper classes.


What kind of a revolution took place in France?

At first it was moderate and asking for reforms, when this failed it became bloody and radical.


What happened after the French revolution?

A Directory (governing body) was created, which was very moderate. Then Napoleon Bonaparte came to rule.


Why is Napoleon Bonaparte important?

Napoleon moved slowly at first, then crowned himself emperor when the time was right, and had a goal of taking over Europe.


What powerful force did Napoleon use?

Napoleon was able to stir up feelings of Nationalism.


What were the economic changes that started in Britain in the 1700s?

The Industrial Revolution transformed agriculture, industry and business.


Describe the Industrial Revolution.

Mechanization through technical advances in agriculture and industry.


What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution?

The industrial revolution transformed how people lived and worked, and impacted the entire world.

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