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Who succeeded Elizabeth 1 when she died in 1603?

James VI (6th)


Who was James 6th mother, and why was this significant?

His mother was Mary Queen of Scotts and Elizabeth had her executed


Who did James have ties to?

Scotland and France


What was the Divine Right of Kings?

James felt he was the divine king, but it was very unpopular in England


What is an abolute monarch?

antidemocratic, ultimate power to the king


Since Anglo-Saxon times the British had had a parliament. What was its purpose?

to advise the king, and the king used it to consult with the most powerful people in the country


What did the Magna Carta do?

the Magna Carta gave parliament more power and gave the king rules


What were some of the king's rules in the Magna Carta?

rule lawfully, no new taxes without consent of parliament, right to trail by jury of his/her peers


How had parliament changed by 1295?

there was a House of Lords (inherited positions) and a House of Commons (elected) to represent land owners


Why was this system not really democratic?

Only a few people could vote and go to parliament, but it was better than other countries, and it was a right guarded by the people


How would parliament feel about a king who did not like democracy?

They guarded their rights to democracy, however limited, and were not willing to give it up

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