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What problem did James II create for Parliament?

He was openly Catholic in a Church of England run country


Why did James make parliament so angry?

He kept giving high positions to Catholics against the Test Act


Why was there so much anti-Catholic sentiment in England?

In 1678 Titus Oates had created a story saying that the Catholics were trying to take over England


What did James' refusal to follow the Test Act seem to show?

That he was trying to return England to the Catholic rule


Why did James think he could do as he wanted?

He believe in the "Divine Right of Kings"


What happened in the rebellions against James?

People supported his illigitimate son the Duke of Monmouth, so James started a reign of terror


What is a reign of terror?

attacking and intimidating with fear and violence to get people to take your side


What were the "Bloody Assizes?"

Courts that ordered people's executions because they went against James' wishes


Why was the assention of Mary an important step in the Parliamentary democracy?

This was the first time that a king/queen was chosen by parliament vs inheriting the role


What was the Bill of Rights?

A document that Mary and her husband William agreed to making it clear that the Parliament was the real government of England


Why is that Bill of Rights impotant to us?

They formed the basis of our rights in Canada


Why were these events called the "Glorious Revolution"?

When James abdicated and left for Eruope and his supporters went to the countryside, and the government picked a new leader. It was a revolution without bloodshed, and made huge changes in how things were done.

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