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What three things did Britain have that helped to pave the way for democracy?

1. a long tradition of parliament, 2. English had never accepted the Divine Right of Kings, 3. these two allowed William and Mary to agree to the Bill of Rights


What did France require to overthrow the monarch and establish rights for citizens?

a bloody revolution


What three conditions predicted there would be a revolution in France?

1. leaders lost touch with everyday people, 2. country heavily in debt with high taxes, 3. many poor people without hope


How did rich people live while there were so many poor?

French rich lived lavishly with fantastic luxuries.


why was France the most backward of all Europe?

Feudalism was still widespread with illiterate serfs and privileged nobles


How were the French middle class treated?

Bourgeoisie, the business class, were restricted which blocked the economy


Who did the Monarch of France answer to?

God – the divine right of kings


What were the enlightened thinkers called?

the philosophes


What did the philosophes believe?

they supported democracy and equality, hated injustice, and did not agree with the divine right of kings


What is lavishly?

spending or owning much more than is necessary


What is the feudal system?

the economic and social system of medieval Europe. Lords received lands from the ruler and serfs worked the land for the lord


What is illiterate?

unable to read


What is privileged?

having special rights and benefits not given to all people


Who are philosphes?

educated people who had theories about society and government


What is absolute monarch?

rule by a sovereign with unlimited power, one who is above the law


What is democracy?

a government that answers to the wishes of the people

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