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What are the four areas of the United Kingdom?

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales


What separates Great Britain from Europe?

The English Channel


How has Great Britain being an island affected it?

they have always been sea-farers, they have many rivers and natural harbours


What are the two major areas of Britain?

Lowland Britain and highland Britain


What is LowLand Britain?

found in the south and east, low-lying fertile land good for farming, warm climate


Why is low land britain quite warm?

the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico carries warm water there


Where is High Land Britain?

north and west, mostly hills or mountains, thin soil, but some places are fertile


Where is the most population in Britain?

South and east


Why do most people in Britain live in the south and east?

fertile land, more food, nicer climate


Was the population always distributed this way?

Yes, which became a factor in the political disturbances of the seventeenth century as well

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