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What was the importance of religion in the 17C?

People were very devout and went to church a great deal


What religion were most people?

Protestant, but there were still some Roman Catholic


How were the protestants divided?

different congregations had different ways to interpret the bible


What was the official Church of England?

Anglican and it was headed by the King


How did having the king as the head of the church help the church?

The king decided how the services would be run, the same in every church. He gave the church tax $, so the buildings were elaborate and richly decorated


Who were the puritans?

they were dissenting protestants who were against the ceremonies and decorations.


What did the Calvinists want?

wanted simple services and churches that were plain


Why were they so against the decorations and ceremonies?

They thought it was too much like the Roman Catholic church


How did Puritans dress?

simple black outfits


What was the Puritan lifestyle?

no drinking, gambling, theatre, very sober


What was the Puritan view of law/rules?

People need stern rules b/c human nature is bad, and rules keep them from sin


Who mostly liked the Puritan way of life?

business people and smaller landowners mostly liked Puritanism


How were Puritans treated?

Sometimes they were tollerated as long as they went to Anglican church now and again, other times they were persecuted


How were Puritans persectued?

fined and imprisioned for their beliefs


How did the Puritans react to persecution?

They left and went to Holland, and then from there went on the Mayflower and founded America


What did some Puritans do to try to affect change?

They ran for parliament and tried to change beliefs via political power


With Puritans leaving to the USA and other areas of the world, how did that change things in the colonies?

Religious conflict went with them to the colonies.

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