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How had the Renaissance changed how people viewed humans and their role in the world?

people were more interested in life around them, less interested in Religion and the afterlife, they developed a belief that people could do anything they put their minds to


What is humanism?

a system or mode of thought in which human interests predominate


How did humanism change art?

Art was religious and sylized, where as the art of the Renaissance frequently showed Greek or Roman scenes, was more realistic and focussed on every day life.


What is vernacular?

the every day language of the people


How did writing change due to the Renaissance?

writing was more about every day themes, in language that was easier to understand (vernacular) rather than latin


How did people questioning more change the world?

As people questioned more, because they were not listening so much to the rules of the Church and could read literature in their own language, philosopies (ways of thinking about the world) developed.


What is philosophy?

the pursuit of the principles underlying all knowledge, the pursuit of wisdom


How did the invention of the printing press impact society?

Ideas could be quickly, easily, cheaply spread around the world. More people learned to read as more books became available. More schools were opened because there were more books and more people could read.


How was education different for different people?

Rich boys were always educated, Some rich girls were educated, poor families did not educate their children as they had to work.


How did printing illustrations help learning?

People who could not read text could understand pictures, which could spread new ideas even amongst illiterate people


What is a lectern?

a reading desk


What is thatch?

a roof made of straw


Why was the theatre important?

all classes could go to the theatre and ideas could be spread through the performances.


What is the Globe Theatre?

The Globe theatre was in London in 1599, it was where Shakespear's plays were done, all male actors (who had to play women too), people were rowdy

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