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By 1637, why was Charles in real trouble?

He had alienated the people on religious grounds and political grounds


How did the Scots come into the disagreement?

Because Charles was also King of Scotland, he decided that they should follow the Church of England as well.


How did the Scots react to Charles' forcing religion on them?

They were mostly Presbyterians, and the revolted so Charles needed to raise more $ for soldiers to fight the Scotish people


What is the "Short Parliament?"

It sat for three weeks, refused to give Charles money to fight the Scots


What was the "Long Parliament?"

It sat for 13 years, but still was unfriendly to Charles, demanding that Laud and Strafford be removed from power and punished


Why did Laud say, "Put not your trust in princes, nor in sons of men, for in them there is no salvation"?

Charles ended up signing Laud's death warrant and approving his execution, so Laud was saying Charles was a traitorous friend


What happened to Strafford?

He was also executed


Were the executions of Strafford and Laud the end of the problems with Charles?

No, so the parliament wanted to remove all power from the king.


What was the "Grand Remonstrance"?

Parliament's plan to remove all power from the King.


Why was their internal conflict in the House of Commons over the "grand Remonstrance?"

Some people felt that the king should just have to agree to abide by the law


Why was the Magna Carta a road block in removing the King's rights to rule?

The Magna Carta said the king had the right to deal with foreign policy, 'royal perogative' ie act outside the law in emergency


What problem came with "royal perogative"?

No one really knew how far a king was allowed to go with this 'in case of emergency' clause


In what way was the House of Commons divided?

Some were radical and wanted all the king's power removed; others were moderate and just wanted the king to rule properly


How did Charles try to take advantage of the division in the House of Commons?

He took 500 soldiers and invaded the House of Commons (against the law) and tried to arrest the radicals.


How did Parliament react?

They called up the army, which was open rebellion against the king


What did Charles queen do?

Henrietta Maria took the Crown Jewels to Europe to pawn them to raise $ for a war against the people/parliament

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