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What was Napoleon's attitude after the problems in Russia?

He was not willing to give up, got together a new army, and kept fighting


What was the last straw in his empire?

His enemies started to gang up on him, joining forces to fight united against him


What was important about Leipzig?

It was a battle he lost showing he was doomed


What did Napoleon do when he was finally forced to give up his throne?

he gave a goodbye speech to his Old Guard, who were still loyal, and went to live on the island of Elba in exile


What marked the end of the French Revolution?

Napoleon's abdication, and his agreement to give up his title and power


What were supporters of Napoleon called?



Who took over from Napoleon?

They gave Louis XVI's brother the throne.


Why was Louis XVIII's attitude shocking?

He wanted to revive the Divine Right of Kings, which destroyed any support he may have got


Why did people long for Napoleon to return?

When the king started to attack Bonapartists


How did Napoleon gain power again?

He gathered 1000 soldiers and marched to Paris.


What was surprising about the reaction of the King's soldiers?

They agreed with Napoleon wanting to kill the king, so joined his side.


What shows how convincing Napoleon was as a leader?

Within months he had gathered 300,000 soldier army together to fight the British


Why was the Battle of Waterloo so significant?

130,000 soldiers fighting nonstop for an entire day, 50,000 dead,Napoleon's last chance to defeat the British


What was the end result of the Battle of Waterloo?

Napoleon's career was ended with the defeat


What was Saint Helena?

the island to which Napoleon was banished/imprisoned very far away because the leaders of Britain were afraid of his power and influence.


What happened at the Congress of Vienna?

The leaders of the Eurpean countries divided up Europe into new countries.


Why was Balance of Power important?

The British wanted to make sure that each empire was equally powerful, so that future wars could be avoided.

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