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Why were the French so proud?

They had defeated Louis and removed the aristocrats, they had become a European power


Why could nationalism in France be so strong?

They all spoke the same language and had the same culture, unlike other areas of Europe


How did French Nationalism help Napoleon destroy the Austrian empire?

There were many nationalities and languages, and Napoleon promised to help them unifiy


Why was nationalism new?

In the Middle ages people identified with their church or manor, not with a country. In the 1800s the concept of a country unified was new


Why can nationalism lead to racism?

When people are so proud of their country/nation, then they can feel better than other nations.. Thus become racist


How did extreme nationalism in Germany cause problems in the 20th Century?

The Germans used nationalism to support racial and religious persecution of the Jewish people


Is nationalism always positive?

no, it can be destructive.


How did people feel about the 'new' french royalty, aka Napoleon's family as monarchs?

they did not like that his family were now the monarchs in his acquired lands


Why were European's disillusioned?

They thought that Napoleon was good for getting rid of the aristocracy once and for all, but then he became a tyrant himself


why was resentment so bad in Spain?

Napoleon's troops were particularly cruel in Spain, and were brutal conquerors not friendly saviours


Why did the Spanish cause problems for Napoleon?

They did not like his brother, who was put in as the new ruler. They fought him in guerrilla warfare, which he was not used to. The British sent troops to support the Spanish, and the war lasted 5 years


How did Napoleon's ambition become his downfall?

He overreached himself by attacking Russia


How did the Russian's flip flop?

They first agreed not to trade with Britain, but then the Tsar did not trust Napoleon so changed his mind.


How did the flip flop affect Napoleon?

He gathered 600,000 troops and marched them into Russia in 1812


How did Napoleon get so many nationalities t fight for him in 1812?

He promised they could all make their own countries after they beat Russia


How did Napoleon's charisma affect the soldiers?

They believe in the right of the Revolution, freeing people and making life better than before the revolution


What was Napoleon's battle plan against Russia?

Trap them into a decisive battle and destroy them


How did Napoleon's plan against Russia not work out for him?

The Russians were defeated, but refused to surrender. They did a scorched earth retreat, where they destroyed everything in their wake as they retreated leaving nothing for the advancing army to live off.


How did the French army's arrival in Moscow not go as expected

They got to Moscow and it was deserted and destroyed. There was no one there to give up and surrender.


What was surprising about the Russian fighting?

They had never been victorious, but they had fought intelligently, and they had fierce national resistance


Why did Napoleon get his troops to retreat if he was victorious?

They had no food and the harsh winter was approaching. He wanted to get the solidiers to friendlier territory.


What did this retreat do to the Grand Armee?

He had gone too far into Russia and the retreat was brutal. They ended up looting and acting like robbers, not soldiers. They had to eat their horses for food, as there was non to be found.


How was the Grand Armee destroyed by the retreat?

Napoleon lost his confidence, the soldiers were continually attacked by Russians, many froze to death, they walked through 30,000 unburried dead bodies as they retreated


What finally happened to the Grand Armee?

9000 of the 600,000 were left, many deserted to go home, even Napoleon left them and gave up on them as a 'defeated army'

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