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What country was Napoleon's greatest enemy?



Why was being an enemy of Britain a big problem?

they had a great Navy and gave money and supplies to any country that fought Napoleon


Which admiral beat Napoleon before he could invade England?



what was Napoleon's Continental System?

preventing European countries under his control from trading with Britain or it's colonies


How did the Continental system negatively affect Europe?

Goods became scarce and expensive, ports that allowed British ships to dock were fined heavily, a black market developed


Why was Napoleon's lack of control of the seas a problem?

He could not enforce his Continental system and a black market for British goods flourished


How did the Continental system affect North America?

The British banned Canada and the USA from trading with France, which led to the war of 1812 in North America


Where did Napoleon's power come from?

military victories


What did Napoleon believe about his military strength?

that he could beat any army and that other leaders would be after him if he was weak


What strategy did Napoleon use to beat Austria, Russia and Prussia?

speed and surprise to win battles at Ulm, Austerlitz and Jena


What was the 1807 Treaty of Tilsit

The peace treaty with Austria, Russia and Prussia


Why was Napoleon's Grande Armee (army) so strong?

They were very proud, treated well (good food and well paid), well trained and professional, they were very patriotic


Why did the non-French army members adore Napoleon?

He treated the conscripts from other countries that he had taken over as well as French soldiers, they were not second class soldiers.


How did the Treaty of Tilsit change Europe?

New countries were created, his family were made monarchs (royalty) of Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc


Which was the only country to remain independent of Napoleon?



In what way had the French Revolution reached all of Europe?

With Napoleon's take over of the countries, he removed feudalism, brought his code of law, which came out of the revolution, and insisted on religious tollerance

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