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What is a republic?

A republic is a country without a monarchy.


Why did the execution of Charles 1 not make England a republic?

He had a son, Charles II (2) who automatically became king on Charles 1 death


What was the "Commonwealth"?

When the Rump Parliament voted to abolish the monarch and the House of Lords


What was the problem with establishing a "Commonwealth?"

There were only 60 people left in parliament, since the 143 had been run out prior to Charles' execution


What does the phrase "might makes right"mean?

Which ever side has the 'might' or strength will win the political argument


Who was the "Rump" parliament supported by?

The RoundHead army who attacked anyone who disagreed ro refused to support the "commonwealth"


Why were Ireland and Scottland particular problems to the Rump Parliament?

They were Royalist and supported Charles II


What did the Rump Parliament do about Ireland and Scottland?

They sent Oliver Cromwell and his Roundhead army to deal with them and kill the Royalists


What was Cromwell known for?

He was a brutal military leader who resorted to entire masacres of towns that resisted.


What happened to Catholic landownders?

They were forcibly removed from their land and resettled in the southern parts of Ireland, and English and Scottish Protestant farmers were given the Northern farms.

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