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What do Canadians take for granted?

Their civil rights and their democracy


Why shouldn't we take civil rights and democracy for granted?

for most of history people did not have civil rights and democracy, but they fought to get them for us


Are civil rights and democracy easily won and found around the world in all cultures?

No, people have fought battles for their rights and many people around the world still do not have rights.


Where do many Canadian democratic traditions come from?

From England


What was one of the most important land marks in people's fight for democracy?

The Magna Carta


Was democracy a quick fight?

No, democracy was long and slowly won


Why was the Magna Carta important?

It recognized individual freedoms and required that the king consult with an elected parliament and rule lawfully


How did Elizabeth the first and the Tudor rulers feel about parliament?

It had been around for a long time, and they accepted it and tried to keep it on their side


How did the Stuarts feel about parliament?

The did not follow the Tudor policies and ran into conflict with parliament


What was the result of the Tudor disrespect for parliament?

Civil war and conflict, death of a king, and the final acceptance of a Bill of Rights


What was the end result of the Civil War?

Britain became a Constitutional Monarchy


Why did the events in England affect other world places?

Due to colonies, the thinking about democracy in England spread around the globe

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