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Why was Napoleon able to overthrow the French government in 1799?

The Directory, as the government was called, was busy trying to help 'save' other countries from opression and became inefficient and corrupt


What title did Napoleon give himself?

First Consul


What were the reforms Napoleon brought about to improve life in France?

he organized the legal reforms from the revolution and organized them with existing laws, creating a unified legal code for the country


What was the Civil Code?

a new book of law for the nation reflecting the kind of society Napoleon wanted


What was the other name for the Civil Code?

The Napoleonic Code


What were some of the important rights under the Napoleonic or Civil Code?

equality under the law, right to hold property, freedom of religion, freedom to work where you choose


Who lost out under the new code?

Women lost rights, they were now controlled by their fathers or husbands, could not own property


Where is the Napoleonic code still used for civil law?

Quebec and Louisiana


How did Napoleon invest in the community?

He created a public works program, built, roads new harbors, canals so the army could move faster. Filled museums and galleries, established universities and schools, kept prices of food low


Why did Napoleon's changes not improve the French economy?

He was basing his improvements on stolen money from his wars, not building the industry of France as England was at the same time.


How did Napoleon protect French industry?

He put high tariffs, or taxes, on imported goods making 'made at home' goods cheaper

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