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When was the Battle of Cut Knife Hill?

May 2, 1885


What wa the "Seige of Battleford"?

Looting of Battleford by Metis


Why did General Otter's force of Canadiann soldiers move in on Poundmaker's band near Cut Knife?

Because of the Siege of Battleford


What kind of attack did Ottor plan? What happened?

A surprise attack but they were given away while crossing a creek and marsh. They were going to move in on Poundmaker's men.


Which war chief's forces route the Canadian Army?

Fine Day


Why did a group of Assiniboine warriors charge Otter's men? What did the other warriors do?

To stop them from killing the women and children. The other warriors moved into the ravinces and Fine Day went to the top of Cut Knife Hill to direct the Cree counterattack on the Canadian troops.


Did the Metis fight in small or large groups?

small groups


Describe the Metis attack technique.

One group would run foreward, attack the soldiers, then rush back to the ravine before the soldiers would get them. As soon as the soldiers tried to attack the warriors on one side another group of warriors would rush out of the second ravine and attack them from behind. The other warriors guarded the women and children.


Why couldn't Otter attack?

He had no idea where the enermy was and he didn't know their numbers.


How did Otter form his men?

Into a wedge. Two lines of soldiers and police faced the two ravines. The volunteers and militia guarded the rear, facing the marsh.


What did Fine Day do as the battle continued?

Employed a flanking maneuver whereby his warriors began to move along the two ravinces, getting closer to the soldiers. The warriors stayed behind the trees and bushes while they fired, so that Otter's men could not see anyone to shoot at.


What kind of a position were Otter's soldiers in? Could they escape?

They were trapped. Left and right were ravinces and behind them, the marsh.


After how many hours of fighting did Otter decide to withdraw?



What happened as Otter's men were leaving?

Some warriors started mounting their horses to attack.


What prevented an outrighr massacre of Otter's troops?

Poundmaker asked them to let Otter's men leave. They respected Poundmaker and allowed Otter to return to Battleford.


When was the Battle of Batoche?

May 9-15, 1885


How many Metis Combatants? How many FN warriors? How many Canadian army membery?

-200 Metis
-40 FN
-915 Canadian


What was the major difference in theBattle of Batoche and the earlier encounters?

The speed in which Macdonald was able to have troops on the ground as it took only 6 days from Toronto to reach Batoche.


How far away did Middleton build camp away from Batoche?



What did day one of the Battle of Batoche see?

the Metis hold off a poorly organized frontal assult on their trenches


What stupid thing did the Metis snipers do through the nights?

wasted most of their ammo firing shots at camp fires, killing two c=Canadian soldeiers this way.


For how many days did Middleton hold of on his major assult?

three days becasue he feared the strength and talent of the Metis snipers


What happened on May 15, 1885?

Canadian solder were tired of wating and lacked sleep. They attacked without order. The metis resisted little, as they were firing nails and rocks, without food for three days.


Who covered the retreat of over 75 Metis? How did they escape?

Dumont and a handful of his best shooters covered the retreat who crossed the river using a ferry.


What happened to Dumont?

Retreated to the USA were he was granted amnesty by the American government He would feature in Wild Bill Hickock's Gun Show.


When did Dumont die?

After he was allowed back into canada, returned to his land by Batoche and died in 1896.


What happened to Louis Riel?

He surrendered 3 days later after hiding out in a nearby house. He was found guilty and hung in Regina.


Could John A have pardoned Riel?

Yes, but he didn't.


What was the relationship between the Canadian government and the Metis like?

The government did not trust the Metis and the Metis did not have a land base, like the FN who had been signing treaties, to work from as they had been moved numerous times because of settlers arrival.


Why did the Metis have difficulties becoming farmers?

Issues with script and government interference. They had little control over the land.


What did Metis do with their script?

They could not afford farming so many sold the script they had been given for minimal amounts of money.


What happened to Metis children later on?

They were sent to residential schools even though they had been set up for FN children.