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What was the name of the French colony that comprised most of Nova Scotia?



Did Acadia have a lot of military protection?



In the ___years history of Acadia, there were continual___and___by___settlers who were feuding with Acadian's over fur trade and trapping boundaries.



Why did France want to keep control of Acadia? Why didn't it work?

-to prevent the English from taking over
-France did not make attempts to populate or protect it in the way thye had in New France, and unfortunately for the Acadians they were pawns in a much larger European rivalry


What was the population of Acadia?

10 000


True or False: Nearly all Acadians were exiled out of the Maritimes by the English government?



Why did the English want the Acadians out of Acadia?

to open up the territory for English immigrants


How many Acadians were sent to either Louisiana (Cajuns) or France?



How many Acadians fled to Quebec?



How many Acadians were hid by neighbours?



What diseases did many of the Acadians die from? What was the other reason that a small number of Acadians died?

-typhoid, smallpox, yellow fever
-small number were killed by English soldiers


What did Lawrence demand the Acadians take? What was the consequence of not doing so?

-Lawrence demanded that the Acadians take an oath of loyalty to the British.
-The consequence of not doing do was being thrown in jail and the expulsion


What did the soldiers do at Grand Pre?

The soldiers at Grand Pre began rounding up settlers who were unarmed. More than 2000 prisoners were taken at Grand Pre and herded into transport ships at gunpoint. The soldiers then burnt farms, mills, and barns ensuring that the Acadians would never come back because they had nothing to come back to.


How did Moncton get its name? How is that ironic?

Moncton got its name from Rovert Monckton who was one of the officers leading the persecution of the Acadians. It is ironic that Moncton got its name from him becasue Moncton New Brunswick is one of the strongolds of Acadian culture and eductions. It's also misspelled.


How many Acadians were forced to leave? How many died?

10 000 Acadians were forced to leave, and 3000 lost their lives


Did the expulsions need to occur?

No, the mass expulsions did not need to occur. The Acadians had been on that land for many years. They never fought against the British bearing French arms. And besides, they signed something previously about never having to fight against France for Britain and then all of a sudden the British changed their mind and retracted that clause which is why they regused to take the oath.


What happened in 1764?

In 1764 the Acadians returned (about 3000) after the ban was lifted and deportations cancelled. They found, however, that their lands had been given to English squatters "planters" and had to start over.


What did Jean Chretien do in 2003?

In 2003, Jean Chretien, with the support of his cabinet, issued a proclamation that what had happened to the Acadians was wrong and unjustified. It wasn't a full apology though.