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What did Carelton believe? Why was this a surprise?

Carelton believed that Catholics should be able to hold office and that French civil law should be restored to the Canadiens. The surprise was that the English believed that Carelton faboured them.


What would happen if France declared war in North America? What was the fear for Britain?

If France declared WAr on North America Canada would become the principle scene where the fate of America may be determined. The fear for Britain is if they pushed matters too far. London was more concerned with their American colonies.


What did the French people in Canada want from Britain?

The French people wanted their ancient laws and customs. They wanted the boundaries of their country restored and they wanted the same rights as English citizens.


What did the Quebec Act give to French colonists? Why?

The Quebev Act restored to Canada all the interier lands that America was claiming. Guarantees them their religion and restors French civil law. The Catholic Canadiens are allowed to hold public office.


Why did the Quebec Act anger the American Colonists and Revolutionaries?

The QUebec ACt is teh final act. The dream of an English-American empire is blocked. The FN were never expelled to make more room.


Why did the American Revolution threaten Canada's existence?

The American revolution threatedned Canada's existence because the American colonists sled into a revolution and it was against Britain. The revolution was chaotic.


What was Tecumseh's vision for his people? Why?

His vision for his people was a unified and independent Indian confederacy that is powerful enough to resist American expansion.


Who won the battle for Lake Erie? What did that mean for Tecumseh?

The Americans won the Battle for Lake Erie. For Tecumseh, this mean that his old enemy, William Henry Harrison, will be waiting with an invasion force.


What did Tecumseh want from the British if they were to retreat?

If the British (his allies) were to retreat, Tecumseh wanted the weapons and ammunition.


What happened to Tecumseh?

Tecumseh and his men were left alone to fight. He was killed. No one knows who killed him or what happened to his body.


How many Canadians took the field against how many Americans?

4000 Americans took the field against a few hundred Canadians.


Why were eight men hanged at Burlington Heights?

They were convicted of treason for aiding the American forces.


Did the American's ever come back to fight again? (2.2)



Why did both rebellions occur? When did they occur?

Both rebellions occured because they wanted the right to govern themselves. They occured in 1837.


What was the force in Lower Canada called/

The force in Lower Canada was called the Patriots.


How many patriots were killed?

153 Patriots were killed.


What happened in Upper Canada after the rebellion in Lower Canada? What was the goal?

Willion Lyon Mackenzie thought that it was time to attack Toronto. He hopes to seize power and form a provisional government in the absence of British troops.


Why was the rebellion in Upper Canada unsuccessful?

The rebellion was unseuccessful because the gunman in the front fell after firing instead of amking way for the next row. The men thought those who had fired had been killed so they ran.


What happened to Mackenzie?

He made his way to the US along with some of his comrads.


What was the court decision about regarding the Metis?

It was about a land dispute for Manitoba Metis. It was decided that the Metis were right.


How long was this decision been outstanding? Should matter like this be allowed to be outstanding for so long? (Metis)

Has been outstanding ince 1870. I think that matters should always be resolved because it strengthens relations in our country.


How does thinking historically give us different perspectives on issues like the Metis land claim issue?

I think that thinking historically gives us different perspectives because it helps us examine the issue from every angle and see where each side is coming from.


What were some reasons against Confederation from the article, especially for the Maritime provinces?

They will give up control of fisheries, giving up to Canada all lands, timber, mines, minerals. Sending revenue to Canada where as they could be spending money among Britain. Confederation would force the young men to be subject to militia laws of the dominion and young fishermen will be pressed to man the ships of war. Confederation would give Canada the power to tax the people of the colony immensely. He says that once they agree to confederation, there is no going back.


Who is Canada's Head of State?

The Queen of England


Who is in charge of Canada? Who do they take their orders from?

The Governor General. He takes his orders from the government of Canada.


What is Justin Trudeau's office or position?

Prime Minister


What party does the PM belong to?

Liberal Party


How does the PM keep his job? How could he get fired?

He can only keep his job if he enjoys the confidence of the House of Commons.


When did Stephen Harper almost lose his job?

Stephen Harper almost lost his job when his government announced that Canada was in fine financial shape and would post surpluses for the next five years. A majority of MPs made it clear that if he didn't come through with the true numbers they would lsoe confidence. But Stephen Harper eventually did come through with the numbers and it turns out that Canada will post an 80 million dollar defecit.


When did the first African slaves come to Canada?



When did France abondon it colonies development policies? What did this mean for slaves?

In 1704. This meant that there would be no delivery of slaves to New France.


Why were slaves rare in Canada?

Lack of initiative and the unsuitable nature of Canada's agriculture system. British North America did not rely on slaves like the South did.


Where were slaves typically found working in Canada?

Salves were mostly found working in the rich families as personal servants in the metropolitan areas.


What was the average life expectancy for slaves?

25.2 years


In what year was slavery abolished?

August 1, 1834