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What did the watch word mean?

It meant that Cannon Scott who passed down the line and told them that they had a bigger thing to do for Canada than they ever had before. It became a watch word because it mean that whenever he told them that it mean that half of them were going to be killed.


How many Canadians burried in the surrounding battlefield? Ypre...Flanders field?

100 000--2000 Canadian First Division.


How many Canadians withstood the first gas attack?

18 000


What as the symbols for the Newfoundland Regiment?



What was the July Drive?

The British had a bombardment that was set up for days that was supposed to take out the German barbed wire and take out the machine guns but by the time they got to July 1, the barbed wire hadn't been cut and machine guns hadn't been taken out. One Newfoundland made it over the German trenches and back agian and his report was dismissed.


What as the danger tree why was it important?

Most dangerous place on the battlefield. Only place they cut the wire so all soldiers made their way towards the area so all machine guns had to do was point and fire.


What was the number one killer in WWI?



Two technologies used in WWI?

Machine guns and barbed wire.


Why did people keep fighting?

Duty, nationalism, fear of being shot for desertion and loyalty to comrads.


Why was alcohol important in WWI?

If it had not been for the rum ration the allies would not have won the war.


What was the Russian revolution?

Had two phases: first phase the February revolution which had army mutiny and civil unrest which saw the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty. The October Revolution saw Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks take over. Affected WWI because Russia signed a separate peace with Germany which got Russia out of the war then the US entered the war on the side of the British.


Where did the first socialists in Canada come from?



Who were the enemies of the socialists?

Bankers, railroad men, and lawyers


Where was the first socialist government in North America? And when?

1944 in Saskatchewan it was the CCF


What was the major legacy of the CCF?

Bring in socialized medicine scheme for the province of Saskatchewan. Influenced the liberals who brought in national Medicare.


When was Dieppe?

Summer of 1942


How many Canadian soldiers at Dieppe?



How many Canadians were killed at Dieppe?



How many Canadians were taken as POW at Dieppe?

Almost 2000


Why was the meeting at Yalta important?

Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met about what would happen to end the war.


What did Stalin want at Yalta?

Free elections if he could keep his army in Europe


How was Germany split? What happened to Berlin?

Stalin controlling East and Allies controlling the West. Berlin was split and Berlin was split on the other side so this would be bad because Stalin could blockade West Berline so no one could come out.


What happened at the Berlin Blockade?

Stalin making sure that no one could get in or out so that he could control them.


What is Brinkmanship?

Mutual assured destruction (nuclear weapons)


Who was Gorbachev?

The last leader of the Soviet Union.


What were Gorbachev's two freedoms?

Glasnos, and economic freedoms.


How did the Cold War end?

The peopel rebelling and wanting more freedom. It ended with the Soviet Union breaking up.


What happened in Afghanistan?

The Soviet Union invaded it to make it communist and to have the land for development. The Afghans formed a collection of fighters to resist the invasion. It needed up that the US gave billions of dollars to a group that included Osama Bin Laden because they gave money to the group in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Unin.


Why is Ellesmere Island important?

Because of its close proximity to the Soviet Union?


What was the Diefenbunker? Who would it house?

Nuclear fallout bunkers that would house the PM, Governor General, and senior cabinet members so the government could continue.


How many people could the Diefenbunker's store?

Up to 500


What happened in Moncton?

There was a brand new French language university. Resistance to the bilingualism was fierce. Only 1/3 of the population was French speaking.