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What is a paradigm?

How a person or society view the world. Explain the nature of reality, creates expectations, and provides meaning and purpose for a person's life


What is the arrival of Europeans to colonize North America considered by the First Nations people and why?

-a catastrophic event
-they redefined the way they lived


When the Europeans arrived and influenced the First Nations, what occured?

a paradigm shift


What is Mercantilism?

The economic systems of Britain and France. It is a system where colonies would supply the mother country with resources for the economic benefit of the mother country, not the colony.


What isthe economic system that the British and French used during contact?



The use of what system in North America lead to First Nations becomining dependent on Europeans for items such as muskets, metal goods, and other non-native technology?



What was an essential feature of the mercantile system, used to accomplis its purposes?

state action


What was the central purpose of the mercantil system?

to sell more than it bought and to accumulate gold bullion and raw materials


What was the raw material wanted in New France?



When New France became a colony, what was its main economic role?

to supply furs to the mother country and to purchase manufactured products from the mother country


What percent of the colony's exports did the fur trade account for?



What is responsible for the large expansion of territory in New France?

the fur trade


What evidence did the Europeans see in association with First Nations that accounted for their "inferiority"?

lack of technology


To this day, the most powerful region in Canada is where?

the area along the St. lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes because of the ability to trade and ship goods along the St. Lawrence Seaway and over to Europe


What is the main reason the Canada is a wealth nation?

the ability of our country to export numerous resources throughout the world


What did the First Nations believe in regards to the ownership of land?

they believed that although specific lands could be used by a particular Nation, that Nation could not "own" the land.


In the worldview of a First Nations, ____involving any ____ ____ or _____could not involve any transfer of "____" to the land.

-First Nations


How did Europeans view North American land?

as a vast reservoir of resources to be used by those willing to put the effort into taking it


What was the reformation?

it was a movement in Europe in which Catholics and Protestants became very enthusiastic about seeking new converts to Christianity.


What were missionaries?

very religious people whowent to distant lands (North America) to spread Christianity. They went to North America with the goal of converting First Nations.


What is acculturation?

a process of two or more cultures adapting to each other. The First Nations people had a difficult time adapting to the European societies who were arrogant, wealthy, exploitive, and rapidly expanding.


What is assimilaton?

when one culture believes it is superior to another culture. The "superior" culture will use many tactics including war to change the other culture to resemble their own. this is how European colonitst dealt with the First Nations.


What is People and the Land?

Every society develops a relatioonship with the land that best accommodates their own needs. The First Nations' relationship with the land was respectful and only for fulfillment needs. The European relationship with the land was, and continues to be, exploitive and for fulfilling both needs and wants.


What does zero-sum trade mean?

zero-sum trade means that wealth is finite


Under zero-sum trade, what is meant to happen to colonies? What is their use?

Colonies were meant to be exploited by the mother country. Colonies should nto cost more to administer than the value of the goods they supply as they should be cash countries


What country gained from trade in the mercantilism system?

New France fained from trade in the mercantilism system.