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Herculis templum apud Agrigentīnōs est nōn longē ā forō.

Among the people of Agrigentum there is a temple of Hercule not far from the forum.


ibi est simulācrum ipsīus Herculis pulcherrimum.

There is there an extremely beautiful statue of Hercules himself.


quamquam plūrima simulācra uīdī, iūdicēs, pulchrius simulācrum quam illud numquam cōnspicātus sum.

Although I have seen many statues, judges, I have never caught sight of a more beautiful statue than that one.


ad hoc templum Verrēs nocte seruōs quōsdam armātōs repente mīsit.

To the temple Verres, at night, suddenly sent certain armed slaves.


hī concurrērunt et templum expugnābant, ...

These (men) charged and were beginning to storm the temple, ...


... sed custōdēs templī clāmāuēre, ...

... but the guards of the temple shouted, ...


... et seruīs obsistere templumque dēfendere cōnābantur.

... and they tried to resist the slaves and to defend the temple.


sed seruī Verris eōs clāuīs et pugnīs reppulērunt, ...

But the slaves of Verres repelled them with clubs and fists, ...


... et ubi ualuās templī effrēgērunt, simulācrum commouēbant.

... and when they broke the folding doors of the temple, they started shifting the statue.


intereā fāma per tōtam urbem percrēbrēscēbat;

Meanwhile rumor was spreading through the whole city;


fāma erat seruōs templum expugnāre.

the rumor was that the slaves were storming the temple.


subitō nūntius quīdam, ...

Suddenly a certain messenger,


... in forum celerrimē ingressus, ...

... having entered the forum very quickly (who had entered the forum very quickly) ...


... nūntiāuit seruōs quōsdam simulācrum Herculis commouēre.

... announced that certain slaves were shifting the statute of Hercules.


omnēs Agrigentīnī, ubi surrēxērunt tēlaque arripuērunt, breuī tempore ad templum ex tōtā urbe accurrērunt.

All the Agrigentines, when they rose up and seized weapons, in a short time ran up to the temple from the whole city.


ubi ad templum peruēnērunt, uīdērunt seruōs simulācrum summā uī commouēre cōnārī.

When the arrived at the temple, they saw that slaves were trying to shift the statue with the utmost force.


tum Agrigentīnī, maximē īrātī, impetum repente fēcērunt;

Then the Agrigentines, utterly angry, suddenly made an attack;


fīēbat magna lapidātiō;

a great stoning was happening;


seruī Verris fūgērunt.

the slaves of Verres fled.


num scelera peiōra umquam audīuistis, iūdicēs?

Surely you have not ever heard (of) worse wickednesses, judges?


num facinora scelestiōra umquam accēpistis?

Surely you have not ever learned of more wicked crimes?


audīte, iūdicēs, operamque dīligentius date:

Listen, judges, and pay attention more diligently;


mox et peiōra et scelestiōra audiētis.

soon you will hear worse and more wicked things.

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