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haec est causa sōla in quā omnēs eadem sentiant.

This is the only cause in which all people would feel the same thing [lit. plural].


quis enim est quī nōn studiō et dīligentiā ad salūtem patriae dēfendendam dignitātemque cōnseruandam cōnsentiat?

For who is there who would not agree to defending the safety of our country and the preservation of its dignity with enthusiasm and diligence?


quis eques est, quem haec causa nōn ad concordiam cīuitātis coniungat?

What knight is there, whom this cause would not join to the harmony of the state?


quis tribūnus aerārius, quī nōn parī studiō dēfendendae reī pūblicae conueniat?

What tribunus aerarius is there, who would not come together with equal enthusiasm for defending the commonwealth?


quis dēnique est cui nōn haec templa, aspectus urbis, possessiō lībertātis ...

Who, finally, is there to whom these temples, the appearance of the city, the possession of freedom ...


... cum cārissima sit, tum dulcissima et iūcundissima?

... would not both very dear and also both very sweet and pleasant?


seruus est nēmo quī nōn audāciam cīuium perhorrēscat, ...

There is no slave who would not shudder at the audacity of citizens, ..


... quī nōn hanc cīuitātem stāre cupiat, ...

... who would not want this state to stand, ...


... quī nōn ad salūtem reī pūblicae dēfendendam parātus sit, ...

... who would not be prepared for the defence of the commonwealth, ...


... quantum audet et potest.

... as much he dares and is able.

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