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“ubi puer fuī,” inquit Antiochō Hannibal ...

When I was a boy,” said Hannibal to Antiochus, ...


“... pater meus Hamilcar, in Hispāniam imperātor profectūrus, ...

“... my father Hamilcar, being about to set out for Spain as general ...


“... Iouī optimō maximō hostiās immolāre et dīs aliīs supplicāre uoluit.

“... wished to make sacrifice to Jupiter greatest (and) best, and to pray to the other gods.


“mihi dīxit: ‘placetne tibi mēcum in castra proficīscī?’

“He said to me: ‘Do you you want to set out with me for the camp?’


“ ‘ego eī respondī: “ mihi maximē placet.’

“I replied to him: ‘I want to very much.’


“tum ille ‘et mihi placet,’ inquit, ‘sī placēbit tibi fidem mihi dare.’

“Then he said, ‘And I will want this myself, if you will be willing to give me an oath.’


“simul mē ad āram addūxit et sīc iūrāre iussit:

“At the same time he led me to the altar and ordered me to swear as follows:


‘numquam in amīcitiā cum Rōmānīs futūrus sum.’

“ ‘Never will I be in friendship with the Romans.’


“id ego iūs iūrandum patrī dedī.

“This was the oath I gave to my father.


“mihi crēde.

“Believe me.


“nēminī licet dubitāre mentem meam;

“To no one is it permitted to doubt my purpose;


“et semper eādem mente sum futūrus.

“and I am destined to be always in the same mind.


“quārē, sī placet tibi dē Rōmānīs amīcē cōgitāre, nihil tibi obstat;

“Wherefore, if it pleases you to think in a friendly fashion about the Romans, nothing stands in your way;


“sī tamen bellum Rōmānīs parābis, melius erit uōbīs mihi fauēre et mē imperātōrem facere.”

“if, however, you will prepare war for the Romans, it will be better for you to favor me and to make me general.”

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