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tālia sēcum ārdentissimē meditātus, Sextus Tarquinius Collātiam uēnit.

Having thought such things to himself in a very impassioned way, Sextus Tarquinius came to Collatia.


Lucrētia īgnāra eum etiam benīgnius quam anteā excēpit et parāuit etiam dīligentius epulās hostī suō.

Lucretia, ignorant [of what Tarquin was up to], received him in an even more kind manner than before and prepared even more diligently a meal for her enemy.


ille post epulās in cubiculum suum intrat.

He after dinner entered his own bedroom.


ubi omnēs dormīuērunt, surrēxit et cum gladiō uēnit in cubiculum Lucrētiae.

When everyone went to sleep, he got up and came with a sword into Lucretia’s bedroom.


sinistrā manū pectus oppressit et: “tacē, Lucrētia” inquit;

With his left hand he pressed down on her chest and said “Be quiet, Lucretia.


“Sextus Tarquinius sum; ferrum in manū est.

“I am Sextus Tarquinius; there is a sword in my hand.


“nisi tacēs, eōdem gladiō moritūra es.”

“Unless you are silent, you will die by the same sword.”


illa, pauida ex somnō, respondēre nōn potuit, sed tremit et sē rogat:

She, startled out of sleep, could not reply, but trembled and asked herself:


“quid factūra sum? pugnābō?

“What will I do? Shall I fight?


“at uir fēminam facillimē uictūrus est. clāmābō?

“But a man will defeat a woman very easily. Shall I shout?


“at in dextrā gladius est.

“But there is sword in his (right) hand.


“sī clāmābō, eōdem gladiō moritūra sum.

“If I [will] shoult, I will die by that same sword.


“effugiam? at mē manibus suīs crūdēlissimē oppressit.

“Shall I run away? But he has pushed me down most cruelly with his hands.


“nēmō mē dēfēnsūrus est.”

“No one is going to defend me.”


etiam magis īnstat Tarquinius precibus pretiōque minīsque;

Tarquinius insisted even more with prayers, with bribery, and threats;


nec prece nec pretiō nec minīs eam mōuit ille.

neither by prayer nor bribery nor threats did he move her.


Tarquinius eī dīxit: “nīl agis;

Tarquin said to her: “You’re accomplishing nothing:


“nisi mihi cessūra es, fāmam tuam crīminibus falsīs crūdēlissimē dēlēbō.

“Unless you are going to yield to me, I will destroy your reputation most cruelly with false charges.


“ita enim patrem et coniugem tuum certiōrēs faciam:

“For in the following way will I inform your father and your husband:


“ ‘Lucrētiam et seruum in eōdem lectō in sordidō adulteriō dēprehendī;

“ ‘I caught Lucretia and a slave in the same bed in filthy adultery.


“ ‘ambōs igitur eōdem gladiō interfēcī.’ ”

“ ‘Therefore I killed both of them with the same sword.’ “


eīs minīs Tarquiniī libīdō pudīcitiam Lucrētiae uīcit.

With these threats the lust of Tarquin defeated the chastity of Lucretia.


inde profectus Tarquinius celerrimē domum redit.

Having set out from there Tarquinius returned home very quickly.

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