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placuit Hasdrubalī, imperātōrī Carthāginiēnsium, Hannibalem puerum ad sē in Hispāniam uocāre.

It pleased Hasdrubal, the general of the Carthaginians, to call the boy Hannibal to him, to Spain.


sed Hannō, alterīus factiōnis prīnceps, in senātū sīc locūtus est:

But Hanno, the leader of another faction, spoke thus in the senate:


“Hasdrubal seruīuit libīdinī Hamilcaris, patris Hannibalis;

“Hasdrubal has served the lust of Hamilcar, the father of Hannibal;


“Hasdrubalī igitur nunc placet idem ab Hannibale petere.

“therefore it pleases Hasdrubal to seek the same thing from Hannibal.


“minimē autem nōbīs licet patī iuuenīs nostrōs seruīre libīdinī imperātōrum.

“It is not at all permitted to us, however, to allow our young men to serve the lust of generals.


“praetereā, nōlumus Hannibalem parum māturē nōbīs imperāre.

“Besides that, we don’t want Hannibal to rule over us prematurely (parum maturē = “not at the right time”)


“mihi placet igitur eum domī tenēre.

“Therefore my wish is to hold him at home.


“ita nōbīs licēbit eum cōgere lēgibus magistrātibusque pārēre, ...

“In that way it will be permitted to us compel him to obey the laws and the magistrates, ...


... et uīuere aequō iūre cum cēterīs.

“... and to live on equal terms with others.


“alioquīn paruus hic ignis incendium maximum exsuscitābit, ...

“Otherwise this small fire will stir up the greatest conflagration, ...


... et Hannibal lībertātī nostrae maximē obstābit.”

... and Hannibal will greatly stand in the way of our freedom.”


paucīs et optimīs Hannōnis opiniō placuit;

Hanno’s opinion was pleasing to a few, and to the best;


sed, ut plērumque fit, māior pars partem meliōrem uīcit.

but, as usually does happen, the greater portion defeated the better one.

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