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Edict of nates

(1598) decree issued by French Crown granting limited toleration to French Protestants


Coureurs de bois

French fur trappers also known as "Voyagers" who established trading posts throughout North America
-"Runners of the woods"


King Williams war

(1689-1697)-war fought between French trappers British settlers and their respective Indian allies


Queen Anne's war

(1702-1713) Second in a series of conflicts between European powers for control of North America fought between English and French colonists in the north and the English and Spanish in the south


War of Jenkins ear

(Began in 1739) small scale clash between Britain and Spain in the Caribbean and in the buffer colony Georgia


King George's war

(1744-1748) North American theater of Europe's war of Austrian succession that once again pitted British colonies against their friends counterparts in the north



French residents of Nova Scotia, many were uprooted by British in 1755 and scattered as far south as Louisiana where their descendants became known as Cajuns


French and Indian war

(Seven years war)(1754-1763)nine-year war fought between the British and the French in North America
-it resulted in the expulsion of the French from the North American mainland and help sparked the seven years war in Europe
-beginning of hostilities between Great Britain and the colonies


Albany congress

(1754). Foster greater colonial unity and assure Iroquois support in the escalating war against French



Trained professional soldiers as distinct from militia or conscripts


Battle of Quebec

(1759) historic British victory over French forces on the outskirts of Quebec
-one of the most significant engagements in British and American history


Pontiacs uprising

(1763) bloody companion waged by Ottawa chief Pontiac to drive the British out of Ohio country
-this war ended by infecting the Indians with diseases


Proclamation of 1763

(1763) decree issued by Parliament in the wake of Pontiacs uprising, prohibiting settlement beyond the Appalachians
-was created to work out the Indian problem not oppress the colonists



French Protestant dissenters, the Huguenots were granted limited toleration under the edict of nates
-bartholomews day- more than 10,000 Huguenots butchered in cold blood