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Boil weevils

-term for conservative Southern Democrats who voted increasingly for republican issues during the Carter and Reagan administration's


Supply-side economics

-economic theory that underlay Ronald Ragan's tax and spending cuts
-contrary to Keynesianism, supply-side Siri declared that government policy should aim to increase their supply of goods and services, rather than the demand for them
-increased productivity and the tax base


Proposition 13 (1978)

-A successful California state ballot initiative that capped The states real estate tax at 1% of assessed value
-radically reduced average property tax levels, decreased average property tax levels, decreased revenue from the state government and signaled the political power of the tax revolt, increasingly aligned with conservative politics


Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

-Reagan administration plan an ounce in 1983 to create a missile defense system over American territory to block a nuclear attack



- left wing anti-American revolutionaries in Nicaragua who launched a civil war in 1979



-anti-Sandinista fighters in the Nicaraguan civil War
-secretly supplied with American military aid, paid for with money do United States clandestinely made selling arms to Iran



-policies resulted in greater market liberation, access to the west, and ultimately the end to end of communist rule



-"restructuring "
-policies resulted in greater market liberation, access to the west, and ultimately the end of communist rule


Intermediate range nuclear forces treaty (INF)(1987)

-arms limitation agreement settled by Ronald Ragan and mikhail Gorbachev after several attempts
-banned intermediate range nuclear missiles from Europe and marked a significant thaw in the Cold War


Iran-contra affair

-major political scandal of Ronald Reagan second term that was revealed in 1986
-illicit arrangements of selling arms for hostages with Iran and using money to support the Contras in Nicaragua, the scandal deeply damaged Reagan's credibility


Major majority

-political action committee founded by evangelical Reverend Jerry Falwell in 1979 to promote traditional Christian values and oppose feminism, abortion, and gay rights


Black Monday (October 19, 1987)

-dates of the largest single day decline in the Dow jones industrial average until September 2001
-downturn indicated in stability in the booming Business culture of the 1980s but did not lead to a serious economic recession


Operation Desert Storm (1991)

-US lead multi country military engagements in January and February 1919 one that drove sadam hussein's Iraq army out of neighboring Kuwait
-war helped undo what some called the Vietnam syndrome, a feeling of military uncertainty that played many Americans


Americans with disabilities act (ADA) (1990)

-landmark signed by President George W. Bush that prohibited discrimination against people with physical or mental handicaps
-represented a legislate is try am for champions of equal protectionS to all