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Affirmative action

-program designed to redress historic, racial, and gender imbalances in jobs and education


Great society (1964-1968)

-president Johnson's term for his domestic policy agenda
-billed as a successor to the new deal
-aimed to extend the post war prosperity to all people in American society by promoting civil rights and fighting poverty


Freedom summer (1964)

-voter registration drive in Mississippi spearheaded by a coalition of civil rights groups
-drew the activism of thousands of white and black civil rights workers


Mississippi freedom Democratic Party

-political party organized by civil rights activists to challenge Mississippi's delegation to the democratic national convention
-setback to civil rights activism in the south and a motivation to continue to struggle for black voting rights


Civil rights act of 1964

-federal law that banned racial discrimination in public facilities
-strengthened the federal government's power to fight segregation in school


Voting rights act of 1965

-legislation pushed through congress by president Johnson that prohibited ballot denying tactics
-successor to the civil rights act of 1964


Black panther party (1965)

-organization of armed black militants formed in Oakland California to protest black rights
-represented a growing dissatisfaction with the nonviolent wing of the civil rights movement
-signaled a new direction to that movement after the legislative victories of 1964-1965


Black power

-doctrine of militancy and separatism that rose in prominence after 1965
-activists rejected Martin Luther King jr's pacifism and desire for integration
-promoted pride in African heritage and often militant position in defense of their rights


Six-day-war (1967)

-military conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors
-victory of Israel


Stonewall uprising (1969)

-uprising in support of equal rights for gay people
-sparked by an assault by off duty police officers at a gay bar in New York
-led to a rise in activism and militancy within the gay community and furthered the sexual revolution of the late 1960s


Students for a democratic society (SDS)

-a campus based political organization founded in 1961 by tom Hayden
-became an iconic representation of the New left



-military strategy launch by Richard Nixon in 1969
-plan reduced the number of American combat troops in Vietnam and left more of the fighting to the south Vietnamese who are supplied with American armored tanks and weapons


Nixon doctrine

-President Nixon's plan for peace with honor in Vietnam
-stated that the US would honor its existing defense commitments but in the future countries would have to fight their own wars


silent majority

-Nixon administration's term to describe generally content, law abiding, middle-class Americans who supported both the Vietnam War and the American institutions


My Lai

-Vietnamese village that was the scene of a military assault on March 16, 1968 in which American soldiers under the command of the second Lieutenant William Calley murdered hundreds of unarmed Vietnamese civilians, mostly children and women


Kent State University

-scene of massacre of for college students by national guardsmen on May 4, 1970 in Ohio


Pentagon papers

-Secret US government report detailing every planning and policy decisions regarding the Vietnam war under President Kennedy and Johnson
-after elite today New York Times in 1971 in the old instances of government secrecy wise and incompetence in the prosecution of war



-from the French word for reduce the tension, The period of the Cold War thawing when the US and the Soviet Union negative reduced armament treaties under President Ford, Nixon and Carter
-marked A departure from the policies of proportional response, mutually assured destruction Aunt containment that had defined The earlier years of the Cold War


Maranda warning

-A statement of interested persons constitutional Rights which police officers must read during an arrest


-Philadelphia plan (1969)

-A program established by Richard Nixon to require construction trade unions to work toward hiring more black apprentices
-altered Lyndon Johnson's concept of affirmative action to focus on groups rather than individuals


environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

-A governmental organization signed into law by Richard Nixon in 1970 designed to regulate pollution emissions and other factors that negatively influenced the natural environment
-creation of the EPA marked a newfound commitments by the federal government to actively combat environmental risks and it was a significant triumph for the environmentalist movement


Earth Day (1970)

-International day of celebration and awareness of global environmental issues launch by conservationists


Southern strategy (1972)

-Nixon reelection campaign strategy designed to appeal to conservative whites in the historically democratic south
-stressed law and order issues and remained non committal on civil rights


War Powers act (1973)

-law passed by Congress limiting the presidents ability to wage war without congressional approval
-sought to reduce the presidents unilateral Authority in military matters