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Democratic leadership council (DLC)

-nonprofit organization of Centris Democrats founded in the mid-1980s
-attempted to push the party toward progrowth, strong defense, and anti crime policies


Don't ask, don't tell (1993-2010)

-policy affected homosexuals in the military
-emerged as a compromise between the standing prohibition against homosexuals in the Armed Forces and President Clinton's push to allow all citizens to serve regardless of sexual orientation


Oklahoma City bombing (1995)

-truck bomb explosion that killed 169 people in a federal office building on April 19, 1955-perpetrated by right wing and antigovernment militant Timothy mcveigh


Contract with America (1944)

-Multi point program offered by republican candidates and sitting politicians in the 1994 midterm election
-significant blow to the Clinton administration
-Led to the Republican Party's takeover of both houses of Congress for the first time in half a century


welfare reform bill (1996)

-legislation that made deep cuts in welfare grants and required able bodied welfare recipients to find employment


North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

-past despite opposition from protectionists and labor leaders
-lower tariffs and easier trade


World trade organization(WTO) (1995)

-International body to promote and supervise liberal trade among nations



-A series of scandals during the Clinton administration that stemmed from a failed real-estate investment from which the Clintons were allegedly to have illicitly profited


Lewinsky affair (1998-1999)

-political sex scandal in Bill Clinton's impeachment and trial by Congress
-Clinton lied under oath about an affair with Monica Lewinsky