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Good neighbor policy

-departure for the Roosevelt corollary to the Monroe doctrine
-begun by Herbert Hoover but associated with Franklin Delano or Roosevelt


Reciprocal trade agreements act (1934)

-this act reversed traditional high protective tariff policies by allowing the president to negotate lower tariffs with trade partners without Senate approval


Rome-Berlin axis (1936)

-Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, and facist italy, led by Benito Mussolini, allied themselves together under nefarious treaty


Johnson debt default (1934)

-steeped in ugly memories of World War I despiteful act prevented debt ridden nations from borrowing further from the US


Neutrality acts of 1935 1936 and 1937

-shortsighted acts passed to prevent American participation in European war
-prevented Americans from selling munitions to foreign belligerents


Abraham Lincoln brigade

- idealistic American volunteers who served in the Spanish Civil War, defending Spanish republican forces from the fascist General Francisco Franco's nationalist coup


Quarantine speech(1937)

- an important speech delivered by Franklin Roosevelt in which he called for positive endeavors to quarantine land hungry dictators, presumably through economic embargoes


Appeasement (1938)

- policy followed by leaders of Britain and France at the 1938 conference in Munich
-purpose was to avoid war, but they allowed Germany to take the sudetenland from Czechoslovakia


Hitler-stalin act (1939)

- treaty signed in which Germany and the Soviet Union agreed not to fight each other
-pave the way for German aggression against Poland and the western democracy


Neutrality act of 1939

- stipulated that European democracies might buy American munitions, but only if they could pay in cash and transport them in their own ships
-cash and carry



- German for "night of broken glass"
-refers to the murders program that destroyed Jewish businesses and synagogues and sent them to thousands of concentration camps


War refugee Board (1944-1945)

-US agency form to help rescued you from German occupied territories and to provide relief to inmates of Nazi concentration camps


Lend-lease bill (1941)

-based on the motto "send guns not sons"
-abandoned former pretenses of neutrality by allowing Americans to sell unlimited supplies of arms to any nation defending itself against the axis powers
-Bill was praised as a device for keeping the nation out of World War II


Atlantic charter (1941)

- meeting on a warship off the coast of Newfoundland in August 1941
-it's spirit would raise awareness of the human rights of individuals after World War II


Pearl Harbor(1941)

-American naval base in Hawaii were Japanese war planes destroyed numerous chips and caused 3000 casualties on December 7, 1941
- A day that will live in infamy
-this attack brought the US into war


London economic conference (1933)

-66 nation economic conference organazation to stabilize international currency rates