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Headright system

Employed in the tobacco colonies to encourage the importation of indentured servants
-For labor indentured servant's were granted 50 acres of land


Bacons Rebellian

(1676) uprising of Virginia backcountry farmers and indentured servants; Led by planter Nathaniel bacon
-Intentionally a response to Governor William Berkeley's refusal to protect backcountry settlers from Indian attacks


Royal African company

(1672-1698) English joint stock company that enjoyed a state-granted monopoly on the colonial slave trade


Middle passage

Transatlantic voyage slaves endured between Africa and the colonies
-high mortality rates


Slave codes

(1662) A set of laws defining racial slavery
-Limited rights/education to slaves
-blacks were property to their white masters


Congregational church

Self governing Puritan congregation without the hierarchical establishment of the Anglican church



Often fiery sermons lamenting the waning piety of parishioners first delivered to New England in the mid-17th century
- named after the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah


Half-way covenant

(1662) agreement allowing in converted offspring of church members to baptize their children
-weakened the distinction between the elect and other


Salem witch trials

(1692-1693) series of witchcraft trials launched after group of adolescent girls in Salem, Massachusetts claim to have been bewitched by certain older women of the town


Leisurer's rebellion

(1689-1691) armed conflict between aspiring merchants led by Jacob leisure and the ruling elite of New York


Indentured servants

Migrants who exchange transatlantic passage bind themselves to a colonial employer for a term of service (4-7years)