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-series of scandals that resulted in President Nixon's resignation amid calls from his impeachment


Smoking gun tape

-Recording made in the oval office that prove conclusively that Nixon knew about Watergate break up and endeavored to cover it up
-lead to a complete breakdown in congressional support for nixon after the Supreme Court ordered he handed the tape to investigators


Equal rights amendment (ERA)

-declared full constitutional equality for women
-failed to become a part of the constitution


Roe vs wade (1973)

-landmark Supreme Court decision that forbade states from barring abortion by citing a woman's constitutional right to privacy
-The decision provoked a strong counterreaction my opponents to abortion, galvanizing the pro-life movement


New right

-term for a loose network of conservative political activists and organizations that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s
-emphasize cultural issues like abortion, bussing, and prayer in school


Malaise speech (1979)

-National address by Jimmy Carter in which he chided American materialism and urged a communal spirits in the face of economic hardships
-widely perceived as a political disaster for the embattled president



-strategic arms limitation treaty agreement between Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev American President Jimmy Carter


Iranian hostage crisis (1979-1981)

-444 days in which American Embassy workers were held captive by Iranian revolutionaries
-began when revolutionaries stormed the American Embassy, demanding that the US return the shah to Iran for trial



-term referring to the simultaneous occurrence of low employment growth and high inflation in national economy
-characterized the economic troubles in the 1970s
-past and intellectual challenge to economics and a policy making a challenge to government officials