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Kyoto treaty

-International treaty to limit greenhouse gas emissions
-Bush administration rejected the plan because it was too costly


9/11 (2001)

-common shorthand for the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2009, 119 Islam is the man hijacked and crashed for commercial aircrafts


Al Qaeda

- Arabic word for the bass, and international lines of anti-Western Islam make fundamentalist terrorist organization founded in late 1980s by veterans of the Afghan struggle against the Soviet Union
-founder=Osama bin laden


US patriotic act (2001)

-legislation passed shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that granted broad surveillance and attention authority to the government


Apartment of Homeland security

-cabinet level engine see in 2003 to unify and coordinate public level safety and anti-terrorism operations within the federal government


Guantanamo detention camp

-controversial prison facility constructed after the US let invasion of Afghanistan in 2001
-serves as an extra legal holding area for suspected terrorists


Abu Ghraib prison

-detention facility near Baghdad Iraq
-risen became the focal point of a prisoner abuse and torture scandal after photograph surface of American soldiers miss treating, torturing, and degrading Iraq war prisoners and suspected terrorists


no Child left behind (2001)

-an education Bill created and signed by the George W. Bush administration
-designed to increase accountability standards for primary and secondary schools
-highly controversial, because it length results on standardization test to federal funding for schools and school districts


Hurricane Katrina (2005)

-The cost list and one of the deadliest hurricanes in history of the US, which killed nearly 2000 Americans
-A tardy and feeble response by local and federal authorities exacerbated The damage and led to widespread criticism of the federal emergency management agency



-The inverse of leveraging whereby businesses increase their financial power by borrowing money(debt) addition to their own assets(equality)


American recovery and reinvestment act (2009)

-One of the earliest initiatives of the Obama administration to combat the Great Recession
-controversy oh from the outset, passing with no Republican votes in the house and only three in the Senate and helped foster the tea party movement


Weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

-refers to weapons that can kill large numbers of people and do great damage to the belt and natural environment
-used to referred to nuclear weapons during the Cold War