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Adkins vs children's hospital (1923)

-landmark suprme court decision reversing the ruling of muller vs oregon
-muller vs oregon- declared women to be deserving of special protection in the workplace


Nine-power treaty (1922)

-agreement coming out of the washington "disarmament"conference


Kellog-briand pact (1928)

-sentimental triumph of the 1920's peace movement
-linked 62 nations in the "outlawry of war"


Fordney-mccumber tariff law (1922)

-comprehensive bill passed to protect domestic production from foreign competitors
-as a direct result, many european nations were spurred to increase their own trade barriers


Teapot dome act (1921)

-Towdry affair invading the illegal lease or priceless naval oil reserves in Teapot Dome, wyoming and Elk Hills, California


McNary-Haugen bill (1924-1928)

-farm-relief bill that was championed throughout the 1920s and aimed to keep agricultural prices high by authorizing the government to sell them abroad
-bill was passed twice by congress, but vetoed it by president coolidge in 1927 and 1928


Dawes plan (1924)

-an arrangement negotated in 1924to reschedule German repartions payments
-stabalized the german curency and opened the way for further american private loans to germany


Agricultural marketing board (1929)

-established the federal farm board, lending a bureau for hard-pressed farmers
-aimed to hlwp farmers help themselves through new producers cooporatives


Hawley-smoot tariff (1930)

-The highest protective tariff in the peacetime history of the US
-past as a result of good old-fashioned horse trading


Black Tuesday (1929)

-dark panicky day of October 29, 1929 when over 16,410,000 shares of stock were sold on Wall Street
-trigger that helped bring on the Great Depression



-shantytowns were victims of the great depression under newspapers and in makeshift tents


Reconstruction finance corporation (rfc) (1932)

-Government lending agency is Nablus under the Hoover administration insurance companies, banks, cultural organization, railroad, and local governments
-precurser to later agencies that grew out of the new deal
-symbolized a recognition by the Republicans that some federal action was required to address the great depression


Norris-La Guardia anti-injunction act (1932)

-bandit yellow dog or antiunion, work contracts and forbade federal courts from issuing injunctions to quash strikes and boycotts
-early piece of labor friendly federal legislation


Bonus army (1932)

-officially known as the bonus expeditionary force
-rag tag group of 20,000 vetrans marched on washington to demand immediate payment of bonuses earned during WWI