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Regulator movement

(1768-1771) eventually violent uprising of backcountry settlers in North Carolina against unfair taxation in the control of colonial affairs by the seaboard elect
-eastern domination


New York slave revolt

(1712) uprising of approximately 12 dozen enslaved Africans that resulted in the death of nine Whites and the brutal execution of 21 blacks


South Carolina slave revolt

(1739) uprising, also known as the Stono rebellion, of more than 50 South Carolina blacks along the Stono River
-Stone river


Triangular trade

Exchange of rum, slaves and molasses between the North American colonies Africa and the west Indies
-very profitable



Believe that salvation is offered to all humans but is conditional on acceptance of God's grace
-threatening to the Calvinist doctrine and predestination


Great awakening

(1730s-1740s) religious revival that swept the colonies
-started with Jonathan Edwards
-The first spontaneous mass movement of the American people


Old lights

Orthodox clergymen who rejected the emotionalism of the great awakening in favor of a more rational spirituality


New lights

Ministers who took part in the revivalist, emotes religious tradition pioneered by George Whitefield during the great awakening


Poor Richards almanack

(1732-1758) widely read annual pamphlets edited by Benjamin Franklin


Zengar trial

(1734-1735) New York libel case against John peters zenger
-public officials could not be prosecuted as libel


Royal colonies

Colonies where the governors were appointed directly from the king


Proprietary colonies

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware-under the control of local proprietors, who appointed colonial governors


Paxton boys

(1764) armed march on Philadelphia by Scott Irish frontier men in protest against quaker establishments
-lenient policies toward Native Americans