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Which CD marker is expressed on haematopoietic stem cells?



Recall the process of autologous transplant

1. Give G-CSF - lots of stem cells leak out into the blood
2. Freeze them (drop temp and store in liquid N2)
3. Patient has chemo/radio to permanently destroy their haematopietic system
4. Whip stem cells out of freezer and re-infuse


What is autologous stem cell transplant used for?

To allow a higher dose of chemo/radio to be given
Myeloma/ lymphoma/ CLL


Describe the process of allogeneic stem cell transplant

Give G-CSF to donor with normal BM
Treat patient with high-dise chemo and radio
Give patient harvested cells


When should allogenic stem cell transplant be used?

Bone marrow failure
Any patient where bone marrow can't be cleared (eg acute leukaemias)


How is patient's room pressure adjusted to prevent infection during BM transplant?

Make it a higher pressure than corridor so that air flows out rather than in


Recall some principles of donor choice for a bone marrow transplant

1. HLA-matched
2. Ideally a sibling (1 in 4 chance of matching with each sibling)


Which patients can receive umbilical cord blood cells?

Only children - as you can only harvest a small volume so patient needs to be of a low weight


How many types of HLA are there?


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