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What is the key assumption of the biological approach?

All that is psychological is first biological


What research methods are used in the biological approach?

Brain scans (e.g MRI or PET scans)
Lab experiments (e.g double blind trials)


What therapy is used in the biological approach, and what does it do?

Drug therapy, it alters neurotransmitter levels which then reduce the symptoms of mental illness


Is drug therapy effective? Is it invasive?

•It is effective in reducing symptoms of mental illness
•it is non invasive


Is the biological approach nature or nurture?

It is purely nature (scientific)


How scientific is the biological assumption?

Completely scientific


How objective and controlled is the biological assumption research?

The research is strictly controlled and any objectivity is eliminated by double blind trials


Is the biological approach reductionist or holistic, what does this mean?

• reductionist - it reduces a set of complex behaviours to a set of simple explanations


Is the biological approach deterministic? What does that mean?

Yes, we have no control over our behaviours, they are purely the result of our biology


Is the biological approach nomothetic or idiographic? What does this mean?

• nomothetic - it looks to make generalisations about people, to explain behaviour by universal laws

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