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REBT allows for the involvement of family why does this make it effective?

It can increase the families understanding of a persons mental illness and give them the tools to help


REBT can be an individual or group therapy why does this make it effective?

Other clients in a group can provide support


Where can REBT be used? why does this make it effective?

Can be used in the critical and non clinical population
Don't have to be mentally ill it can be used to treat stress and anxiety


What did Ellis claim the success rate for REBT was?

90% on an average of 27 sessions


Why is the success rate and length a good thing or bad thing?

Good - short therapy
Bad - researcher bias


What are the relapse rates like for REBT compared to other therapies?

Lower compared to drug therapy


Why might their be lower relapse rates for REBT compared to drug therapy?

Drugs tackle symptoms
REBT tackles cause


What did zettle and Hayes do?

Meta analysis investigating assumptions, components and effectiveness of REBT


What did zettle and Hayes find?

They concluded clinical efficiency of REBT wasn't demonstrated


What did Silverman et al conduct?

A review of studies into the effectiveness of REBT


What did Silverman et al find about the effectiveness of REBT?

55% found REBT to be more effective than other treatments for anxiety, depression and stress
50/50 success rate


Why is REBT not effective with regard to evidence?

Evidence into effectiveness continues to be lacking after 45 years


Why might REBT not be effective?

• client not putting beliefs into actions
• some clients not suitable- severe mental illness
• only effective to an extent can't change clients environment - critical boss/bullying partner


How could REBT be unethical with regard to client distress?

Therapist aggressively challenging
Blaming client for thinking that way


Why might REBT be unethical with regard to rational thinking?

"Depressive realists" sadder but wiser
You may be doing a disservice changing their thoughts


Why is REBT more effective than drugs or dream analysis due to the nature of the therapy?

Allows for involvement of others and support


Why is REBT not effective compared to drug therapy in treating mental illness?

REBT can't be used to treat severe mental illness
Drug therapy can be used on wide range of illnesses


Is drug therapy or REBT more effective regarding relapse rates?

REBT has lower relapse rates


Is REBT or SD more effective?

Equal both reported 90% success rate

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