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Give some strengths of a laboratory experiment:

- high levels of control over EVs and CVs
- confidently establish a cause and effect relationship
- high replicability, which increases reliability and accuracy of your results


Give some weaknesses of lab experiments:

- controlled environments can lead to demand characteristics
- lack of ecological validity


Give examples of demand characteristics:

- Hawthorne effect: try hard to perform
- screw you effect: deliberately try to ruin the research


What does it mean to lack ecological validity?

Not representative of real Iife behaviour


What is a field experiment?

Research takes place in the real world, where people may jot even know you are observing them, the IV is deliberately manipulated in a natural setting


Give strengths of field experiments:

- high in ecological validity
- no demand characteristics (unaware)


What are some weaknesses of field experiments?

- lack of replicability
- lack of control over EVs and CVs
- can't establish a cause and effect relationship
- ethical issues: observing people without consent


What is a quasi- experiment?

IV is naturally occurring and is not manipulated (e.g age). But the experimenter still records the effects of the IV on the DV (e.g. Age on reaction times) participants may or may not be aware they are participating


Give some strengths of quasi experiments:

- high in ecological validity (IV is naturally occurring)
- allow the study of effects of IVs on behaviour it would be impractical or unethical to manipulate


Give some weaknesses of quasi experiment s:

- hard to infer cause and effect relationship (EVs and CVs)
- impossible to replicate exactly


What is a laboratory experiment?

An experiment that takes place in a controlled environment set up by the researcher
Researcher manipulates the IV, and measures the effect on the DV, maintaining strict control over EVs and CVs

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