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How might dream analysis cause emotional harm?

Bringing up repressed traumatic memories e.g. abuse to the conscious mind


What do patients have to be warned of before therapy begins?

Potential emotional harm


What cost benefit analysis has to be done regarding emotional harm?

Potential harm vs. Unpicking a dream


What are false memories?

Memories of events that either never occurred or are highly distorted


How are false memories made?

Recalling memory
Recalling is a reconstructive process and the mind can fill the gaps


What can false memory syndrome cause?

Emotional distress to client
Legal issues e.g. In memories of abuse


Why might unethical therapists deliberately implant false memories?

To build up their reputation as a good therapist
Too have clients come back - financial gain


What can the issues be with the therapist client relationship?

Patient becomes too reliant and therapist has too much control resulting in unhealthy attachment


What result can an imbalanced reliance on therapist have for a client?

•Inability to make decisions in their life
•Constantly wanting answers off of the therapist
• feeling they can't cope without the therapist


Why is dream analysis ethical?

Aims to help people


Why is dream analysis unethical?

Can do more harm than good e.g emotional harm, false memories


Is dream analysis more or less ethical than drug therapy ?

More - drugs have serious side effects, forced treatment
Less - psychological harm, little evidence of success

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