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in some cases what us the way of dealing with the issue? (give an example)

the same as the issue
e.g. right to withdraw - tell them about their right


what is debriefing?

explaining all your research to the participant


when is debriefing carried out? why?

after research
to reduce demand characteristics


when is debriefing especially important? why?

when there is deception
important to leave participant in the state they were in before the research


what might debriefing not do?

undo harm
does not excuse deception


what is the issue with debriefing in field research?

might not be able to track participants to debrief them


what is presumptive consent?

when you ask one group if they would agree to research after being full outline - if they do you assume another similar group would also agree


what is an issue of presumptive consent?

based on assumption not the same group (other group might not agree)


what is an ethical committee?

a group of people you propose your research to, they then review it.


what should an ethical committee not be?

bias - they should have no interest in your findings


what does an ethical committee do?

reviews your research
compare proposed research against ethical guidelines


what are issues of ethical committees?

not the participants - feel different to if they had been a participant
ethical committees are only as good as the people on them


what are ethical guidelines?

rules produced e.g. by BPS that all research must follow


what is an issue of ethical guidelines?

not consistent across all countries - you cant universally apply them
not laws/no punishment - some people might choose not to follow them


when/how can punishment be carried out?

when a professional psychologist isn't following guidelines they can have their license removed so they then loose their job


when is their not a punishment?

not a professional psychologist - no license to remove


when would the BPS know research was unethical? why might this not happen?

if participants complain
participants not aware of guidelines, not know how to complain or cant be bothered


what does role play involve?

this involves the environment being set up and participants pretending to behave as they would


why does role play lack ecological validity?

participants are acting - not real behaviour

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