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The "Fire Lines" shall be deemed to be the perimeter around the area of fire operations, which shall include the furthest apparatus, whether operating or parked? True or False

AUC 189 # 1


T or F All Engine Chauffeurs will be expected to provide security for his own apparatus, tools and equipment and maintain a surveillance on other nearby apparatus, particuarly Ladder Company apparatus and equipment.

They should note anything suspicious, They shall notify the office in command of the operation or if this is not feasible, he shall notify any available officer or member to alert he officer in command of the problem
AUC 189 #3


Ladder company officers shall designate __ member(s) of the unit. ech tour, as security guard and shall use such Members) to guard he apparatus if fire conditions do not require commitment of the entire complemnt of personnel to operations.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. All Members

A. 1 Member is assigned as Security guard
AUC 189 #5
When all ladder company members are required at operations the security member doesn't perform security guard duties until the fire is brought under control.


When should company commanders requisition supplies for Winter Operations?
A. May 1st
B. June 1st
C. July 1st
D. August 1st

C. Requisitionin shall commence July 1st to permit sufficient time for various Bureaus to obtain and deliver materials

AUC 200 Sec 3.3.7


How many Shovels should a company commander maintain in quarters fo snow clearance in front of quarteras and for hydrant clearance throughout their admin Districts?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

B. 6

AUC 200 Sec 3.3.8 C


T or F When the conditions of the streets are doubtful as to maneuverability, units shall use main throughfares and avenues previously determined by survey, or other means, to approach as close as possible to a destination?

AUC 200 Sec 5.3.10A


T or F When conditions do not permit approach of apparatus to a scene, rolled or folded lengths of hose must be carried to the Scene?

The use of a portable ladder, tarpaulin, etc., as a sleigh to haul hose and equipment shold be considered.
AUC 200 Sec 5.3.10 E4


T or F Consideration should be given to backing engine company apparatus into streets for greater traction, ease of hose stretch and simpler towing and removal if snowbound.

AUC 200 Sec 5.3.10 E8


Ladder company shall use water from faucets, pots, pails, etc., for ________ stage fires or to check extension while lines are being stretched.

A. incipient/growth stage
B. Decay Stage
C. Early Decay
D. Fully Developed

A. Incipient/Growth Stage
AUC 200 Sec 5.3.10 F4


What 3 things must a company officer do when he returns to quarters after being orderded to secure a premises with a Padlock?

1. The dispatcher will be notified of the securing of the premises, for entry on his Secured Premises List
2. Appropriate journal entries made
3. Key shall be put in a secure place on the apparatus selected by the officer on duty.
AUC 231 Sec 4.1 and 4.2


When dispatched to unlock a padlock at a secure premises. The officer on duty shall secure positive ID of the person desiring entry. If there is any reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person The officer should summon the?

A. Battalion Chief
B. Fire Marshalls
C. Division Chief
D. Police Department

D. Police Department
AUC 231 Sec 4.5


When a reserve apparatus is fully manned and ready for fire duty the officer on duty shall Notify?

A. Dispatcher
B. Battalion Chief
C. Deputy Chief
D. Tour Command Chief
E. All the above

E. All the Above
AUC 259 Sec 5.1


T or F Reserve apparatus shall be assigned as if it were a relocator in the quarters where needed?

AUC 259 Sec 5.2
They would act like a relocater. Ex. Relocation unit L-501 working in L-159 would be identified as L-501 acting L-159


A third copy of the riding list shall be posted at the housewatch desk of the unit whose identity reserve apparatus assumes or filed at the Emergency Command Post Headquarters. T or F

AUC 259 Sec 6.4


_______ of units wherein reserve apparatus are stored shall be held strictly accountable for tools and equipment assigned to the reserve apparatus.

A. Company Commanders
B. Battalion Chiefs
C. Division Chiefs
D. Borough Commanders

A. Company Commanders
AUC 259 7.5


Reserve CFR-D Units shall have a minimum compliment of ___ CFR-D trained Firefighters

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. All members must be CFR-D Trained

B. Two
AUC 259 Sec 9.2


Investigating Allegations of corrupt or criminal activity or conflicts of interest is the responsibilities of the?

A. Inspector General
B. Bureau of Investigations and Trials BIT's
C. Joe Lankford

A. Inspector General
AUC 268A Sec 1.1


_____________ is primarily responsible for investigating disciplinary allegations concerning violations of Department rules and regulations or the incompetency of Department Employees?

A. Inspector General
B. Bureau of Investigations and Trials BITs
D. Joe Lankford

B. BIT's
AUC 268A Sec 1.1


Every officer and employee shall have the affirmative obligation to report, directly and without delay, to the __________ any and all information concerning conduct involving corruption, other criminal activity, conflicts of interest, misconduct and mismangment by city agencies, city officers and emplyees, and by persons of business dealing with the city.

A. Inspector General
B. BIT's

A. Inspector General
AUC 268A Sec 2
The failure by any employee to report as required shall constitute cause for removal from office or employment or other appropriate penalty


T or F On-Duty incidents involving possession or use of Drugs or alcohol , Physical altercations among Members, Serious confrontations with Civilians, Dangerous misuse of Dept Vehicles should be reported to the Inspector General

False They should be reported to BIT's
Arrest of Dept employees and confrontations of department members with other agencies which may lead to possible disciplinary action should also be reported to BIT's
AUC 268A Sec 3.1


The Primary electrical power for a cellular communications sation is generally between __ and ___ amps AC?

A. 50 and 75
B. 75 and 100
C. 100 and 200
D. 50 and 200

D. 50 and 200 amps
AUC 331 Sec 2.1 #2


T or F There may only be one cellular phone companie using a building for their cell Cite?

There may be multiple cellular phone companies using the same site. This increass the amount of wires, antennas, and base statiion, inhibiting department operations.
AUC 331 Sec 2.2.1


The antennas may not extend higher then ___ feet above the height of the roof or parapet on the roof, or ___feet above any penthouse or Bulkhead, if placed on such penthouse or bulkhead?

A. Four Feet
B. Five Feet
C. Six Feet
D. Ten Feet

C. Six Feet
AUC 331 Sec 3.2


T or F The Incident Commander in charge of the scene of an incident or event is hereby designated to act as the Fire Departments spokesperson during such incident or event until the arrival of the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information or his designee?

AUC 332 Sec 3.1.2


T or F Members are never to speek to the Press. When asked questions from the press they are to refer the press to the IC or if IC is not available then refer to a supervisor?

If no supervisor is present on scene and if a press inquiry doesn't interfere with Dept Operations members may respond to press inquires only to state:
1. Type of incident or event
2. # of Patients or victims, if Known, and
3.The Hospital(s) to which the Patient(s) or victim(s) are being transpoted.
****Members shall not discuss the condition of Patients/victims, the care provided or other confidential information.****
AUC 332 Sec 3.4.2 and 3.4.3

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