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The engine company, after controlling fire in a room exposing a shaft should continue through the apartment for further extinguishment, before returning and directing the nozzle into the shaft to control the shaft fire.

T or F

F. The shaft fire must be controlled before continuing through the apartment for final extinguishment.

FFP Tenements 4.2.2


When maneuvering on the roof, the firefighter should move from one roof to another near the rear wall as he/she is always checking footing.

T or F

False. Always move near front walls. The fronts of building are aligned, building depth may vary, and opened end shafts are generally located toward the rear.

FFP Tenements 5.2.2


Roof level skylights and / or scuttle when removed, should be :

A) placed upside down on the roof
B) placed out of the way of working members on the roof
C) placed over a shaft
D) thrown into a shaft

A. In order to alert members to the presence of roof openings, roof skylights/scuttles should be placed upside down on the roof.

FFP Tenements 5.2.2


When venting the top floor windows from the roof using a 6' hook, members should avoid standing directly over the window being vented.

T or F

True. Places member out of the way of flames

FFP Tenements 5.3.1


If a bulkhead or similar type structure is at a spot near or next to an open shaft or near a building wall on a shaft, areaway, courtyard or street, the ff on the roof may:

A) attempt climb on to it
B) never a attempt to climb
C) await another ff for assistance
D) inform his officer before attempting to climb

B. never attempt to climb onto or off

FFP Tenements 5.3.3


When a tenement building has four windows per floor and no front fire escape, it indicates two railroad flats (OLT) with a rear fire escape. What's the exception that this does not necessarily apply to?

A corner building

FFP Tenements 5.4.1 pg 40


Most OLT have 4 doors per floor, not always indicating 4 apts. per floor. These could be railroad flats with 2 doors to an apt. In order to avoid time delay, which door should the f/e team take to a railroad flat apt?

A) door towards the front or
B) door towards the rear

B. most railroad flats have the kitchen in the rear so that normal entrance doors will be the rear doors. The front door if often blocked by furniture, or nailed, bolted shut.

FFP Tenements 5.4.2


A rapidly rising column of smoke, with particles or embers ascending to higher levels, visible over the roof top of the building frequently indicates that the fire is:

A) on the roof
B) in the cockloft
C) in a sealed off shaft
D) in an open shaft


FFP Tenements 5.4.3


When heading to the floor above, who should the second due LCO inform of this intention?

B) officers on the fire floor
C) third due ECO

B. officers on the fire floor should be made aware of intentions to go above the fire by the second due truck. This way they can be warned of any situation necessitating their with drawer.

FFP Tenements 5.5.8


The member on the exterior waiting to perform horizontal ventilation for extinguishment should listen to what two transmissions from the ECO?

- ECO to ECC to start water

- ECO to IC that they are applying water on the fire

FFP Tenements 5.7.2


Once the member on the exterior hears the two transmissions from the ECO when waiting to perform horizontal ventilation for extinguishment, may he then vent the windows?

No. He must first communicate with and receive approval from the LCO of the fire apt prior to any venting.

FFP Tenements 5.7.2


Define the three known life hazards.

- a victim can be seen by the rescuer

- a victim can be heard by the rescuer

- a member has info from a credible source or a person at the scene indicating the location of the life hazard

FFP Tenements 5.7.3

P.S. - dispatcher is not a credible source


During horizontal ventilation, to safely vent both windows, first break the window on the fire escape followed by the window off the fire escape.

T or F

False. Vent the window off the fire escape first. If the fire escape window is vented first, fire or heat may prevent venting the other window.

FFP Tenements 5.8.1


What are the advantages to initially cutting a 3' x 6' coffin cut?

- it is more manageable

- it can be quickly expanded to a larger hole

FFP Tenements 5.9.4


If fire is found extending to the floor above, when should the second due truck fully open ceiling or walls to expose the fire?

Not until a charged line is in position, bc of the possibility of intensifying the fire.

FFP Tenements 7.3.5


Beams in OLT's generally run perpendicular to front and rear walls.

True or False

False. Beams generally run parallel to front and rear walls.

FFP Tenements 7.4.1


Is it easier and faster to cut the floor or pull ceiling from floor below for examination of fire extension?

Flooring is seldom cut at tenement fires as it is easier and faster to pull ceiling from floor below for examination.

FFP Tenements 7.4.2


When cutting a floor with an axe, at what angle should the cut be made?

A) 45°
B) 60°
C) 75°
D) 90°

B. 60° angle on a bias.

FFP Tenements 7.4.2


During the post control phase of overhauling, while in warm or hot weather, the IC may permit members to remove their:

A) bunker coat
B) bunker coat and helmet
D) anything member feels comfortable with

A. Bunker coat. However, members must always wear pants, boots, helmets and gloves during overhauling.

FFP Tenements 8.4


What should a member take into consideration when overhauling bathrooms?

Consider using the reach of the hook standing outside the bathroom to open up the ceiling. A sudden collapse of the flooring due to fire weakening, rotting of the floor beams, the weight of the fixtures and tile floors can occurs.

FFP Tenements 8.16

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