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The Risked Based Inspection System RBIS is a building inspection application and a computerized warehouse of information, the new system will negate the cyclical inspection cycle with a risk based scoring system? T or F

BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.1


The new RBIS system will create a new application to replace existing inspection scheduling and provide for which of the following?

A. Support building inspection scheduling
B. Coordinate inspection activity between operational units and fire prevention
C. Automate process workflows
D. Fully support one time events and inspections that don't have permit expiration dates.
E. All the above

E. All the above
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.2


RBIS is a dynamic system that will reevaluate a company's district each day and upon new information in order to provide that user with the most up to date priority list of inspections? T or F

BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.5.1


T or F. Company officers must inspect the high priority buildings first before inspecting low priority buildings?

Company officers may conduct inspections in whichever order they choose.
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.5.2


T or F if an inspection is added in error the RBIS system has the ability to delete the inspection at the company level?

BTDS can override the system and prevent the added inspection from appearing on the pre-inspection schedule. In order for this to happen the company officer must immediately phone call the BISP unit.
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.6.2


Three family MD with no common areas. These dwellings are typically 3 stories in height with no basement. A separate entrance gives direct access to each individual apartment. Deprecate heating units are found within each. No common areas to inspect. These buildings should be placed into which inspection classification?

A. Annual
B. Holiday
C. Immediate inspection
D. Exempt

D. Exempt (no common areas to inspect)
Small Garages associated with adjacent buildings are another Exempt type status.
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.7.1


Lt Briglio is prompted by RBIS to inspect a building which turns out to be a PD. His unit can perform an exterior inspection and remove the PD from the risk based (full building inspection) category? T or F

True (Briglio is a docking master)
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.7.3


School familiarization drills by operational units are conducted every?

A. 3 months
B. 6 months
C. Annually
D. Every two years

D. Every two years
Familiarization drills are not to be conducted during BISP and should be scheduled during company drills or MUD
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.8.1


If a school is only operating in one section of a building a good officer would know that he still must inspect the entire building? T or F

Only the school needs to be inspected and common areas such as egress stairs and exit doors.
BISP Ch 2 Sec.2.8.3


When does the RBIS begin to schedule holiday inspections?

A. November 1st
B. 3rd Monday in November
C. Monday before Thanksgiving
D. December 1st

C. Monday before thanksgiving
BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.8.6


T or F: The new 10-35 application will automatically track the transmission of these alarms (2 or more unnecessary or unwarranted alarms in any 3 month period) and create an NOV for violation?

BISP Ch 2 Sec. 2.8.13


When are Re-inspections performed on BISP?

A. Beginning of BISP period
B. 2nd hour of BISP period
C. Last hour of BISP period
D. After Uncle Bill gets his 5th building?

A. Beginning of BISP
BISP Ch 3 Sec. 3.1.1


The officer shall notify the units __________ if unit is unable to leave quarters at the scheduled time?

A. BISP unit
B. Administration battalion
C. Battalion chief
D. Division

B. administrative battalion
BISP Ch 3 Sec 3.1.3


BISP may be cancelled for which of the following reasons?

A. Unusual fire conditions
B. suspension of outside activities-weather factors
C. Malfunction if units apparatus
D. Units have been engaged in extensive or arduous fire duty
E. Pre determined holidays
F. All the above

F. All the above
BISP Ch 3 Sec 3.4


When a 10-51 is transmitted the officer on duty utilize ___ hour(s) of the period to conduct a Fire a Prevention Drill?

A. One hour
B. Two hours
C. Three hours
D. None it's TV time

A. One Hour
BISP Ch 3 Sec 3.4.5


What does the N/A box stand for in the BISP inspection form?

A. Not applicable
B. Not available
C. No Access
D all the above

D. All the above
BISP Ch 3 Add 1 Sec. 3.1


After the fire officer completes the inspection all applicable forms are filed in the appropriate building folder and forwarded to the administrative battalion? T or F

They no longer are required to be forwarded to the admin battalion.
BISP Ch 3 Add 1 Note pg. 4

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