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T/F Engine companies can perform search and rescue

Only in extreme cases should an engine company become involved in search and rescue without simultaneously stretching and positioning a hose line
TB Search, 4.11 note


The primary search is:
A. The initial search for fire and life hazard
B. A through and painstakingly complete search for life of the fire floor
C. Usually completed by the second due truck
D. The immediate search for life

D. The immediate search for life
TB Search 6.1


What are the priorities of the first arriving ladder company?

1. Locate the. Fire area
2. Control the apartment to the apartment or fire area and any other ventilation points
3. Communicate the fire location to the engine officer AND IC
4. Determine if conditions are tenable to support life
TB Search 6.3


Which one of these is not a characteristic of a secondary search?
A. A secondary search is a thorough and painstakingly complete search for life of all areas that require a primary search
B. A secondary search shall be performed after extensive overhauling of the fire area is completed
C. A secondary search must be performed by a different company than the company which performed the primary search
D. A secondary search includes the entire outside perimeter of the building and all shafts, basements, cellars, elevators, roofs, etc

B. The secondary search shall be completed before any extensive overhauling of the fire area is attempted
TB Search 7


What is he determining factor as to whether or not the door will remain open or closed while the search is being conducted?

Whether or not the engine company has a charged hose line and is ready to advance into the fire area/occupancy
TB Search 9.10.1


LT Scotto has entered the doorway of the fire apartment with his inside team. Once his forcible entry team forces the door he notices the 1st due engine company has not yet entered the public hallway. What is the first thing LT Scotto. Must do prior to entering the fire apartment?

Notify the Engine officer and IC of the identity of the fire apartment
TB Search 9.10.1 b


In the same scenario as before, LT Scotto was correct in all the following except: (more then one)
A. A FF of the inside team was left at the door outside the fire area to maintain control of the door
B. LT Scotto and another member of his inside team search the fire area
C. The interior team will leave the axe outside the doorway to indicate the apartment they are searching
D. The door will be closed after the search team enters
E. LT Scotto must notify the Engine Officer and IC of the decision to close the door

A & C
A FF of the inside team must be positioned at the door inside the fire area to maintain control of the door
The hydraulic FE tool should be left outside the doorway
TB Search 9.10.1 b


What must a ladder company officer do prior to entering the floor above the fire for search?

1. A thorough size-up of the conditions on fire floor shall be performed prior to going above the fire
2. Notification must be made to officers on the fire floor and acknowledgement of this message must be received prior to proceeding above
TB. Search 10.1, 10,2


T/F if an URGENT is transmitted for loss of water, all members operating above should seek refuge by returning to the fire floor or floor below

False, if there is an urgent for water loss the IC shall ensure that members operating above are notified. If there is any indication of a delay in putting water on an uncontrolled fire, members must seek refuge.
TB Search 10.6


What are the means of access to the floor above?

1. Interior stair
2. Fire escapes
3. Via ladders (portable, aerial, tower)
TB search 10.4


While searching, narrow tapered legs indicate? Low level of a mattress indicate?

Crib, bunk beds
TB search 12.5, 12.7


What is the preferential order to remove a victim from the interior of a building?

1. Interior stair
2. Horizontal exits
3. Fire escape
4. Ladders
5. Life saving rope
TB search 13.2

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