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Members should always treat the area around airbags as if they haven't deployed. What is the rule that shall be observed in relation to distance to be kept from airbags? 2.6

The rule of 5-10-20 should be observed. 5" from side airbags, 10" from driver bags, 20" from passenger bags.


1st arriving officers shall immediately notify whom of a person pinned? 3.1

The dispatcher


During disentanglement & extrication ops. where shall the hurst unit be placed? 3.3.3

The power unit shall be placed in the front or rear of the vehicle. This will allow flexibility to operate on both sides of vehicle w/out having to reposition


Engine co. ops at pin jobs consist of a number of things. What are some of their duties? 4.1

Officer should divide co. into 2 teams. the boss & 2 CFR F.F.'s proceed to scene of the accident. The remaining members shall stretch & charge a precautionary handline


Vehicles on all four wheels are best stabilized using step chocks & wedges. How should you place step chocks? 5.4

Step side down


In order to make a 3rd door removal procedure on a 2 door car please put the following in the correct order. 7.1,7.2

Make 4 cuts. 1. top of 'B' post 2. bottom of 'B' post 3. vertical cut rear quarter panel 4. horizontal cut rear quarter panel at the rocker panel


In regards to battery removal which terminal is removed 1st? And when using either the spreaders or cutters to remove a door what hinge is taken 1st? 4.2.4 & 14.8

Negative, Top hinge


What is roof & OVM job at extrication?

Bring hurst tool equipment to scene & initiate operation. 4.2.2


When cutting the roof off where are the cuts made on ABCD posts?
A. low on BCD
B. low on BC high on A
C. high on ABCD
D. low on A post high on BCD

sec. 8


Choose the correct tools that would cut the windshield?
A. Sawzall w/ metal cutting blade
B. windshield saw
C. Axe
D. sawzall w/ wood cutting blade


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